Watt bike Pro connection with I pad

Thanks for reading.
Just come back to Suffer after Zwift.
I can connect my Watt bike Pro with my Mac book Air but cannot connect my I pad.
The Watt bike is a A monitor and connects via a Ant dongle via the USB on the Mac book.
Then I put an Ant dongle in the firewire port on the I pad it will not pick up the Watt bike.
It allowed my to use I pad this way on Zwift.
What am I missing please as I don’t want to balance my Mac book on the bars of the Watt bike?

I don’t know enough about Ant+ and iOS to know if there’s a technical solution. There might be a cheap mechanical solution: buy a music stand. Here’s mine with a MacAir on it.

I got mine from Guitar Center (in the US), but I’m sure you could find one anywhere. Here’s the model.

Does the Watt bike not natively transmit Bluetooth?

Love the music standouts a technical solution i had not thought about!

Early watt bike monitors do not have bluetooth just Ant
For some reason the i pad is not picking up the ant via the firewire connection

iPads have either Lightning or USB-C ports but not firewire. As far as I now the only ANT+ dongles supported by iPads/iPhones had the long time ago abondoned 30Pin connector.
The only workaround I know is using an ANT+ Bluetooth bridge as described here: How do I connect my ANT+ to Zwift on iPhone/iPad

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Sorry kah
You are rightly meant lightening port.
The connection would work with Zwift but SYSTEM Is not connecting.
I will read through your information
many thanks

The app stopped supporting ANT+ for iOS quite some time back. Found a link to an old support article that explains more https://support.thesufferfest.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015060099-ANT-Sensors-and-Devices. There may be something more up to date on the SYSTM support site.

I also use a pre-Bluetooth Wattbike Pro and ANT+… but I don’t use iOS. Still works fine on Windows with a dongle in case that’s an option for you.

I have the CABLE device mentioned in @JamesT’s link. I think you need an iPad to configure it. It works for the very old cadence sensor attached to my bike.