IF missing and no chart!

I’m not having a good run of things with the app, today I’ve logged in and the workout charts aren’t displayed for any of the workouts and IF is shown blank -

Any idea what is going on this time?

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May be a server issue as the workout cards display correctly here and have proper information when opened.

How would I resolve a server issue?

usually it’s just time and patience. You can check to see the SYSTM server status here:


But, I’d also test to see if you can replicate the issue on a different platform, eg. try the web app, or desktop, or mobile. If the issue is only on one platform (other than the web app) you could try deleting the app and reinstalling.

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All seemed fine on other platforms so I’ve reinstalled which has solved the issue, whatever it was!

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excellent! Thanks for reporting back!

The unfortunate side effect was losing all the downloaded workouts I’d added for future sessions!

Time to browse the desert island workouts and select a new batch.

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