Incorporating Skiing into Training Plan?

I’m living in SLC and started a new training plan recently since during the winter outdoor cycling consistently can be tough. I also like how I can focus on training skills indoors without having to adapt my workout to outdoor terrain. Aside from indoor cycling, I’m skiing a couple of times per week. It would be great if wahoo knew about my ski days & could adjust my training load to accommodate. I look like a real slacker to Wahoo when I skip a workout & go skiing instead. My Garmin seems to consolidate everything well but I’m not so sure that Garmin coaching will be better than X when it comes to the bike training workouts.

@rjerney The plan won’t adjust but you can use something like TrainingPeaks or to get a rough idea of your fatigue and then make changes to your plan so that you don’t go too far into the red.

You can also get your ski activities on the SYSTM calendar by either using the Wahoo Rival watch to record the activity or using the Wahoo App which is free in the App Store or on Google Play. You can connect an HRM if you want to get HrTSS for the activity.

Welcome aboard. If SLC is Salt Lake City I can say I am jealous. Best snow on earth.

As mentioned, Wahoo doest know about skiing.
To track TSS I have recorded my skiing on my Garmin Edge however that hrTSS for a day (8 hrs) of skiing its been around 400 hrTSS. Two days a week of that and my TSS is off the charts and not really represntative of how I feel. Right now I just assign a TSS that I feel is representative of my effort. This weekend I gave it a 200. Only 22,000’ of vertical in western Maryland at Wisp Resort.

Good luck. Id like to hear what you do with respect to TSS for skiing.

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Thanks! I appreciate the input. I’m new to more structured training, so still figuring out how to assimilate & crunch the numbers along with the best format to use. I’ll keep playing around with it. Yep, SLC is Salt Lake City & the ski season is off to a good start although we’re in a dry spell for now.

are you talking about XC skiing or downhill skiing?

I wanted to follow up with some numbers from todays downhill skiing for you. According to the Garmin Edge I spent ~3 hours skiing with the 6yr old grandson. Training Peaks assigned it a hrTSS of 183 and ~9,000’ elevation gain. Have to love lift lines that are zero people deep. :grin:

If I were on the bike I’d probably assign it 60 TSS. Those blue square deals dont do a lot of quad or calf activation…


Edit: I loaded the fit file into and it assigned a load value of 69.

Hope this helps.

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