Trainigplan & Wahoo Bolt

Hello all!

I have 2 short questions:

  1. I took the 4DP test, my weakness is MAP. My goal is a MTB stage race in April. So I would like to do the MTB training plan. Is the MTB training plan really adapted to improve the weakness or is it better to use the specific training plan “Building Blocks” to improve the weakness?

  2. Does anyone know when the next update to the app will come?
    I would like to know when the training sessions can be transferred directly from the app to the bike computer ( Wahoo Bolt)?


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  1. Yes your training will be MAP centric.
  2. The plan is to allow outside and no vid workouts to be migrated to a Wahoo head unit. The indoor specific rides are hard, if not impossible to do out of doors, Things like endurance+ are prime candidates.

@Benjamin_Wieser For a stage race you probably want a high mileage in season MTB plan. Depending on when the race is in April you might be a bit off on the 12 week schedule but you can certainly adjust that within a few weeks of the race to be sure that you go in with the right level of taper.

Many of the rides in the plan scheduled for weekends can be done outside and generally fall into two categories - “cruising” or “send it”. There also may be one or two weekends where you are assigned a practice race or to select a B or C race that you can use to work on your prep for your A race.

Good luck!

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Maybe there is going to be an app feature update before 1 February but who knows what and if it is coming:

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The indoor sessions are for the most part very difficult to complete outdoors on the road due to changes in gradient, road condition or junctions etc. For the outdoor options at the weekend they are usually structured with efforts that are more easily done outdoors (or on the MTB) or endurance rides that can be done anywhere and have a degree of flexibility. We do offer customised plans for those who enquire if you’re looking for a plan that is more suited to your exact requirements and time schedule.
For the plans in SYSTM, I would suggest doing some work on MAP as that will be useful for stage races when combined with outdoor endurance rides at the weekend. Boosting that aerobic ceiling will allow other aerobic metrics to be improved as well. Especially as your race is less than 12 weeks away, the building blocks are only 4 weeks so you can fit a couple in there and allow a taper for the event with some event specific work and skills/handling sessions


Thanks for the quick feedback.
I appreciate it very much.

I will think i will stick with the MTB-TP.
I am looking forward to the next update. Let’s see what comes.

Ride on!