Initial Use

I setup my Wahoo Kickr and used it for the first time. Even though the ride contained hills and the resistance did get stronger during the hills it was still very low. Where I would expect to be about 350 watts was only about 150. Is there an adjustment I need to make, or will it gradually get harder the more I train?

It sounds like you might have your target numbers set too low or perhaps set to some sort of default? Or possibly you were riding something that is a sweet spot or recovery ride. What workout were you doing?

Have you got your FTP and other power targets set up correctly? The easiest way to do this is enter them manually. The correct way is to ride Full Frontal. I recommend the latter.

The resistance on hills is set to the power target for each rider, not to match the actual climb incline. So the max resistance you reach depends on what numbers you’ve set up in the app plus what workout you’re doing


@TrevorBlanc Seems to be a regular comment from new users after initial setup - myself included. Strongly recommend you put in a ticket with the Minions and they will sort you out. I recall I had some back and forth about settings and numbers (a la @DameLisa), but was up and running in fairly short order.

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Ok. I’m trying to setup my FF test. It says take the trainer out of ERG mode. It shows level o through 9 grades. What do I set it to. I also did first 5 minutes with it set at level 0 and int never requested me to change it.Are there any detailed instructions to walk me through my first FF test?@

Most people can do all of full frontal in level 1 (per Coach Neal). You never change it.

You do, however, have to change gears and cadence to get your effort right for the various intervals. That can take some experimentation to get right.

yes, in the wahoo help there’s an entire section on setup and running FF…think the workout links to it? There’s also a video by @David.McQuillen.KoS laying it out for you.

You should definitely review all the materials before rushing into FF blind.

For example, level modes approximate a power slope that increases the higher the level. the setting will be very personal to you and your effort, cadence, etc. when you have it dialed in, you should be using gears vice level setting to meet targets.

I think I typically run FF around L2, but switch it to L3-4 for the 5sec NM efforts, but again - it’s something you need to figure out. Trial-and-error and practice.

Try this thread - it has some links to podcasts that helped me.

Have you had a look through the following? It is linked on the home screen of the app if you scroll down a bit. Good luck!