Introducing the SYSTM Power Through the Holidays Training Plans

Holidays can be a tricky time when it comes to maintaining your fitness. Parties, travel, changes in routine, and…parties all conspire to make it hard to stay on track.

Wahoo has the answer to your holiday training woes. Introducing the Wahoo SYSTM ‘Power Through the Holidays’ training plans. These 3-week plans run from December 13 - January 2 and are designed by the coaches at Wahoo Sports Science to help you stay fit during the holiday season, while still giving you plenty of time to spend with friends and family.

The plans are cycling-focused (sorry, multisport folks) and designed so that heavier training days don’t conflict with the weekends or the holidays, allowing you to fulfill those familial obligations without losing your fitness. Since holidays can be a bit stressful, we highly recommend that you add yoga and mental training to your plan. A little breathing meditation or quick stretching session might be just what you need when the dinner conversation gets a bit heated. You can also add strength training if you want to get a head start on that six pack.

You can find the Power Through the Holidays plans in the Plans tab of the SYSTM app. Go to Plans > Cycling > Power Through the Holidays. Choose how much time you have to train, then apply the plan to your calendar. Because the plans are designed to start on December 13 and end on January 2, you won’t have the option to select a different date.

If you’ve taken some time off the bike, or if you’ve been on the fence about dipping your toes into a structured training plan, these short, low-volume plans are the perfect way to take the guesswork out of training and get ready to make 2022 your best year yet.

Don’t just survive the holidays, power through and come out the other side stronger with Wahoo SYSTM.


Think you mean December 13 there Sir Dylan, as earlier in the message and because the plan started on Monday.

I don’t recall having a choice of volume when I applied mine. Just tried again and not seeing that or the strength option. The latter was there before. Odd.

Strange. There were supposed to be volume and strength options. I’ve edited the post. Thanks, Sir.

I’ll do the outdoor training plan between Christmas and New year: Festive 500 :wink: (it’s not like we’ll be doing much else because of stupid politicians and stupid rules)

Only just spotted these plans. I have FF tomorrow.I may be too late