Planning for multiple events & training plans - Help!

I have been a TR user a long while, one thing I do enjoy about TR is the ability to say I have X number of Events / Races and now plan around them. This is what has lead me to my confusion with Systm.

The reason I am now using Systm is that I find it more engaging but I am little confused with how to plan my workouts that will be focused around some sportive events next year. I do not race but use the bike to keep fit and enjoy taking part organised rides to have some enjoyable targets.

I can easily in Systm create a plan that will work towards my March Goal which is below:

March 4th - 129 km / +814 m Elevation

But then I have the following 6 Weeks After

April 15th - 127 km / +913m Elevation

These two rides I are similar which means in my simple mind my fitness from the first event should must be maintained until April.

In May and July it gets a bit beefier for me anyway with the first May ride being 4 weeks later.

May 13th - 123 km / 1528m Elevation

July 3rd - 121km - / 1645m Elevation

Then the last ride:

September 30th - 160km / +1953 m Elevation

Sorry if I have overcomplicated this but I am just a little lost as all the plans are 12 weeks and do not seem to trim appropriately and overlaps with the existing plan on the calendar if the next event is less than 12 weeks away , this leaves me confused of the best approach.

Atm, the plans are stock but you can individually tweak them as you see fit. Not ALL plans are 12 weeks, for example the Building Blocks plans are 3 or 4 weeks long and let you focus on a particular strength or weakness. Those can always be added in between longer plans.

FWIW though, given the specificity and timing of your events and goals for your upcoming season you might find some value in spending a ½ hour chatting with one of the wahoo coaches. There’s a fee ($75 CAD) but there are loads of folks who have used this and found it extremely helpful.

Edit: I’ll add my non-coach rank amateur thoughts here too and say none of your events look too daunting. I don’t mean to belittle them or say they’ll be easy by any stretch but that with a reasonable amount of fitness they all look pretty doable.

Edit 2: and where are my manners!! Welcome to the forums @MrHyde !!

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Hi @MrHyde

You can try setting the end dates of plans to time with your events.

After your 1st event you can set the next plan to finish on the 2nd event (with either a HM or FF squeezed in first) which will give you the last 6 weeks of the plan and taper.

Not perfect, but with a bit of playing around with dates, it can usually be made to fit pretty well.


You can also schedule plans by end date, rather than start date which might help you to schedule things. The building blocks might be useful between events to work on an aspect and they end with a recovery week which will taper you ready for your event.


Thankyou everyone.

I am aware of the end date option when setting a plan I think what the made me overthink was the fact it would eat into the previous plan due to the time window. I think this down to me having from TR to a new platform and adjusting to it.

Looking at the building blocks between plans based around a fitness test to identify weaknesses seems like a good plan.

Hey @MrHyde,

I usually start a new 12 week plan exactly 12 weeks before my A event (most important event), so I properly taper off leading up to it. Then with my various B and C events (less important), I tend to just adjust the rest weeks (or easy weeks) to align with these less important events.

In saying this, I wouldn’t recommend it if you need the recovery throughout the rest week, only if you find you are recovering quickly enough to justify doing an event during your recovery week.

Happy training!

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Thankyou everyone. I Really appreciate the replies.

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