New year, new habits. New Routine training plans available now!

If you’re like some of us, you probably let your training slide a little (or a lot) during the holidays. Start the new year off right by building positive habits and a solid routine with the SYSTM New Routine plans.

Designed by the coaches at Wahoo Sports Science, the New Routine plans come in 3 different lengths: 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks. That’s because 2-4 weeks is the minimum time it takes for a new habit to form. You can start with just a 2 week commitment, but easily roll into 6 weeks.

The plans themselves have an activity every day, starting with the absolute shortest sessions in the SYSTM library and gradually building the daily duration. This is to help you get used to setting a small chunk of time aside for training, making it easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. As you get more comfortable, the daily duration gradually increases. To make these plans accessible to everyone, there is no fitness test in the plan (rejoice, those of you with FullFrontalphobia).

To access the plans, go to the Plans tab in the app, select Cycling, and then New Routine. You can also click this link to open the app directly to the plans.

Make 2022 the year of the best you and start building a New Routine.

Happy New Year from all of us at Wahoo.


Is there a way to change the start date of a training plan such that every session moves in unison?

Always great to have new training schemes. Thanks for getting it together.

@dylan.robbins any news if (and when) users who prefer to browse plans instead of ‘fighting’ the stepper might see plan browsing/selection like in the old Sufferfest App?
This stepper thing absolutely killed any motivation to explore and select plans for me. Answering up to ten questions just to have to click for a text description and click again to see the details of the schedule is really awful.


When you set up a plan, you can select the start date or the end date. There are a couple exceptions (like the recent holiday plan).

If you’re already mid plan, the best option is usually to skip the missed days. But if you want to move the plan, see here for instructions.