iPad storage issue

My iPad is running out of storage space and the biggest culprit is the Wahoo SYSTM app. I have offloaded all videos but it is still consuming over 125Gb of space. Offloading and reinstalling the app not surprisingly has made no difference. Any suggestions?

That does not make sense… I’ve about 75 videos loaded on my iPad, and the total space used by SYSTM is 62gb, with only 146mb used by the app itself.

I believe that iOS sometimes only releases application data space after restarting the device - I suggest you try that.

How much space is freed up when you uninstall SYSTM?



There’s something wrong with cache space release on your device. I recommend shutting down SYSTM and then doing a device restart by powering down and back up. See if the program releases space that way.

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Thanks @jmckenzieKOS @RServranckx

Tried offloading the app then doing a full restart but no joy. Full delete of app then restart and 125Gb+ now free again.


I do not think that offloading does not remove the data in iOS, so that explains it. I’ve noticed some odd behaviour with data release for various applications on my iPad.

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Let me look at resource usage on my Mac. This actually scares me as I have about 1/2 the videos downloaded and I can’t afford to do this again.

Ok. Looks like the Mac is also affected. 90.23 GB of space taken. I’ll see what is going on within the SYSTM folder.
Given the number of videos downloaded, 89.37 GB of space is taken up with them. This is much in line with the one to two GB of space EACH taken for downloading and storing.
@digger_G This may be why your iPad was so full. How many videos had you downloaded? Keep in mind they take approximately 1.5 GB EACH! There’s a rule that you should only download and keep those that you routinely use. If you have spotty or slow Internet, then download, use and then discard any videos. I have limited space on my 'Droid and I have five videos downloaded to it and they take up quite a bit of the limited storage space on the device.


I had downloaded well over half of them as I do not have internet in the barn where I have the turbo trainer. I then deleted them when I saw the space issues. However despite deleting them there was no significant reduction in the storage space.

It took the deletion of the app and the re installation with the associated need to download rhe videos again to fix it.

Good luck with your fix!