Why does app take up so much space?

It shows as the largest app on my iPad. I had to uninstall it from my iPhone. Is it a me problem or an app problem? I don’t have any videos downloaded but it says the Data & Dociments are taking up 16.5GB!!! Eek/eeesh!

I noticed this a while back when I was downloading videos vs streaming. Even though I deleted a video after a workout, it was as if the storage wasn’t then being freed up, and like you, only a uninstall and reinstall of the app would put it back as it should be.

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File a bug report. This should NOT be happening and may be a clue to some of the issues that iOS users are reporting. Just out of curiosity, what version of iOS are you using and is it current? Apple reported some serious memory leaks with one of the iOS versions for the xCode platform used to build SYSTM.

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Just checked my iPad.
3.52GB of storage used - including 3 downloaded videos.
After deleting the 2 that I have completed this week, it dropped to 3.44GB

Thanks. I’ve now done just this on both my phone and my iPad. Incidentally, deleting downloaded Rouvy videos also didn’t have any effect on the reported size used by that app, either. So it’s not just a SYSTM problem

Interesting. I’ve seen reports of various issues relating to available storage in iOS 15. I no longer see anything in the list of apps below the reported usage on my iPad pro, just a spinning circle and it’s stuck at “Calculating category sizes…”. Was the same on my previous iPad Air.

It takes a few minutes for the spinning to stop. I guess it depends on how much storage you’re using

Oh thank you! I hadn’t realized that reinstalling would make it smaller again. Nevertheless, hope the Minions will fix if it’s an unintended feature…. I mean wow that was a massive size. Maybe it’s why some people are having problems running the app in general……

My devices are set to auto update iOS and apps so I’m always current on all that…

I don’t think it would be related as the storage thing is a local iOS issue with downloaded content, and the majority of issues appear to be with streaming and from what I’ve seen are server side.

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