Companion app for SUF

I have my laptop connected to a big screen positioned a few meters from the bike, so I cannot easily reach it in case I need to pause or most importantly, switch from ERG to Level mode during workouts (for example, having a warmup in ERG and then switch to Level for some workouts like SUF Idol or Shovel or other that require short intervals.

Having a companion app to “remote” control the desktop app would be a create addition!


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Currently I do this by using a wireless Keyboard next to me. A wired one would also work.
You could also use any programmable (IR) Remote and assign the desired keyboard hits.

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I’ve got a MacBook and will sometimes use an app that is essentially a remote mouse. It’s actually called Remote Mouse. Works perfectly.


If you have the wahoo bolt. You can use that as a sort of companion app to switch to and from erg mode.


That’s nice. It never occurred to me to do that (despite having had a bolt for longer than my kickr, and having used it as an alternative to the app for off-suf workouts). Thank you.

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I do have it… how do you do it?

Typically when you are using sufferfest the bolt will be in “passive mode” meaning the suf app in controlling the setting.

On the bolt you can switch it to “level” mode. All the power reading should come from the kickr so should make no difference.

I actually do use that kind of setup more than I use suf. It’s alot less hassle trying to sync stuff and you can just watch s movie in erg mode.

Trying to figure out how to make the bolt recognise the kickr as the source of power instead of my crank power meter ATM.

Don’t want to discount the crank power meter

My laptop also isn’t easily reachable while Suffering… I have a wireless mouse which has a range of a few meters, so that does the trick. I have that next to me on a little table.