Knighthood Quest 22. Social Media

Hi all.

Long time since I’ve been on here. Plan is to attempt this between Christmas and New Year, depending on how, days off work, Christmas visits, etc., fall into place.


Power Station 49 Climb
Angels 55 Climb
Thin Air 59 Climb

The Trick 58 Speed
HHNF 64 Sustained
The Bat 60 Mixed

GOAT 42 Climb
AVDP 49 Speed
Who Dares 53 Mixed

Team Scream 70 Race

Got a reasonable grasp of what it all entails except for the social media. I’m not on Facebook. I do use Twitter and Instagram. All advice welcomed.



I’m not sure how strict the minions are re social media, but it would be nice to get some extra kudos for your work, it could be motivating during your quest, and it would be fun for us to be able to follow you and cheer you on :+1: I think Instagram would be good for that.

In any case, enjoy your quest. We’ll see you at the gates!

@daznelthorpe Good luck! The prep plan is helpful. I think the social media is a legacy requirement before the time when SYSTM recorded everything via the app.

Definitely post in the forum if you can to provide updates during your quest. The quest is It basically a really long day on the trainer and more of an endurance ride as you will want to dial down the videos by 15 to 35%.

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assuming you’ve planned for kit changes, chamois cream, food, hydration, how to manage breaks of 10 mins or less, know about downloading all vids in advance, have some thoughts about what percentage you’ll be doing these at, have considered what you think to be the best order of videos and have some semblance of a rationale for your choices, have reviewed the MTP sessions (at least the ones on Focus, Positive Self Talk and Overcoming Obstacles).

If yes to all this, then all I can say is:



Thanks for the comments.

This will be my 2nd attempt. The 1st fell at the 7th hurdle in Mar 2020. Prep was good but it was a ‘Do it’ moment and I jumped in thinking that I’d 5 to do that day so why not do it. At no.7, legs say yes, head say no. Hopefully learned from that. Ironically it was The Bat. Kept same vids, shifted the running order 4/5/6/7, so the last bit is best bit🤔

1st 3 are opening 3 from 1st ToS I did and Team Scream to finish will be just that👍

Feeding throughout, something a bit more substantial but not too heavy, after 3/6/9. Change shorts 3/6/9. Dry shoes at 6.

That’s the gist of it at the mo


You could have mentioned about using fans to keep cool, how cruel of you Sir Glen.


Nothing must dull the suffering :wink:
evil laugh


Then you shall Remember Why you are doing this in the first place. :wink:
I agree with Sir Glen though, the MTP is definitely something you ought to go through especially the Remembering Why and Positive Self Talk modules.

It isn’t actually, it’s just that you wouldn’t want to get comfortable with the uncomfortable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I did my Quest 4 months ago, I made it a point to post on this forum too besides on FB since I haven’t been on social media since 2020.

But I guess, the bare minimum is posting in the forum? Maybe Sir @Cody.Moore and/or Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS could confirm this?

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@DarrenWCKam I only posted in the forum and had no issues.


I posted hourly updates on FB and I think every 3 rides on the forum, heck it was tough in those 10 minutes :sweat_smile:

Best regards,
Kam Wing Chung, Darren

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Forum it is then.

As regards MTP, since 2020 I’ve done it a few times, always adding it to each plan I’ve done. I’ve read other books/articles on sport psychology and it makes some sort of sense. All the same principles but worded slightly differently by the authors, made things click into place. Hopefully I’ve learned a good lesson from #7


I am sure you would be nail the Quest this time around.
One good advice I would be willing to impart would be to evaluating the ride orders and be sure you are uncomfortably comfortable with the order. Perhaps, also consider ending with something which less taxing on your body and mind since you would have already done 9 hours of work and consider dialing down the effort if need be :smiley:

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@DarrenWCKam ,

Thank you Sir. Team Scream, strangely enough, is my favourite vid.

As for intensities, I’ve got an idea but will maybe try a fit a ride on each vid prior to the day just to refresh the old memory

I was supposed to do Team Scream but I really chickened out and replaced that with Power Station.
Would Team Scream be you most-favourite video among your favourites?

Start the day off with the intensity which you can hold for the next 10 rides and you should be all good. Don’t forget to eat and drink, and as they say, eat some real food :wink:

@DarrenWCKam ,


Just read your account of your Quest. Chapeau, well planned and executed. Thought I was meticulous but you took that to another level. I’ve most bases covered and a clear place I need to be at a point. Fuelling as I would normally in a 12hr event. It work’s for me so why change a plan?

12 weeks to go.


Start eSports plan for 6 weeks to Half Monty then pick up KoS prep. Double helping of MTP (Sir Glen, @Glen.Coutts):+1::+1:


Since the App tracks it also it doesn’t really matter, but posting is nice for everyone I guess!

I believe in you and I know you got this! :raised_hands: :muscle: :muscle:
Actually I am flattered by your comments for being meticulous, in fact, I planned in such a way that I envisioned a reason why I could fail on the attempt so I made sure it was fail safe to a certain extent. :sweat_smile:

Fuelling enroute to the castle, it’s a very personal choice so consumed what you’re used to and you all good. I think as a whole at least for me, sugary stuff ended up doing a lot of good when it comes to motivation.

12 weeks and counting it is then! Fret not, we are all here to give you encouragement in pursuit of GLORY, HONOUR and VICTORY! We will of course enjoy the enterpainment which ensues while we sip on some Pain Shakes or Real Pagne :smirk:

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We are more lenient on the social media check-ins these days since we can more easily see your quest data behind the scenes.

Of course, as a prospective Knight of SUF, you should be online as much as possible reminding your friends and family of how craz… er, determined you are! :grin: