Jiggery Pokery

The clue is in the title lol I need advice on moving things round a bit. 4th week of Metric century.
Yesterday. Igniter and AVDP
Today. revolver
Tomorrow. Recovery spin
Friday. The Trick
Saturday. Goat
Off to the Caravan tomorrow for 3 days two nights well deserved R and R. I’m determined to stick to plan and must be doing something right because feeling good and was actually wishing for more in The Revolver! Can I get away with swapping Thursday and Friday? So do the Trick tomorrow first thing then head down to Sunny Bognor and do recovery ride there on Friday?

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You probably want that recovery day before you do The Trick for maximum gains. I mean, you CAN switch them around if you want to. But, recovery in between NM sessions is usually there for a reason. Any time I’ve tried to move sessions around like that usually finds me realizing why things were arranged the way they were in the first place. So, you can, and you’ll have a good weekend of recovery, but you won’t get the most out of doing The Trick if you don’t do the recovery before.

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Which is exactly why I came on the forum. Looks like I need to pack the trainer. Thanks for the reply.


You’d be fine doing that swap. I often go back-to-back, or you could even double up on a day.

@emacdoug raises a good point here aboit being fatigued prior to an AC session,
I would recommend
Revolver today
GOAT tomorrow
Caravan rest day
Trick Saturday
(What is scheduled next in the plan though?)

Also, please bear in mind it is okay to miss the odd day. We are all human and life gets in the way:


Problem solved :grin:


Nothing like a sea breeze from the rear to keep you cool while performing “The Trick”. Although I forgot to change to level mode, DoH.
Which would explain why I missed slightly the targets on the second 20 second standing bit, but nailed it on the third, I’ll know for next time . I really like the 15 minute steady ride out. One of my fav workouts so far. Followed by a walk on a Sunny beach absolute bliss :grinning: