Two on-bike sessions in 1day?

Today the SYSTM calendar has both the Cash Register and the G.O.A.T. on-bike training sessions. Is the expectation to do both today or a choice to do the one you like best?

When the calendar has bike + yoga + mental session it is obvious to do all in the same day. Today also has a yoga session; no problem.

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I believe you are meant to do them both. If one is a warmup type session - do that one first.

Hi @FOGrider

Do the most intense first.
In this case, Cash Register and then GOAT


Agree with this 100%. Yes it means you should do both on the same day and I would always do the hardest ride first. And with these two that is easy. GOAT is one of my favorites.


I get double the fun as well. Typically, the second one is more of a recovery style ride. In my case.


Agree. Cash Register is supposed to get you moving and G.O.A.T. is to sustain the burn.

The plan suggests you do the workouts in the order they appear on the calendar at the given day.

Not sure if that’s correct @Thomas. For 3 Feb, my plan includes Revolver and Igniter. It shows up as Revolver first, but that wouldn’t make sense.

You are correct, I was sure there was a post stating this in the forum. Revolver before Igniter would not make any sense.

As I understand this post from @Coach.Neal.H it would suggest what I was writing. Perform the Workouts in the order from the calendar:

But this post from @ellisa.podemski contradicts this:

Have you checked if there are any Notes from the coach present?

I was also trying to order my workouts on a day when adding but sometimes they seem to appear in whatever order “they” like and not in the order I am adding them.
Maybe this should be a feature request or is there one already?


No coaches notes. But common Sufferlandrian sense advises you to do Igniter before Revolver.


Ignitier first and then Revolver in this scenario

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I would suggest doing Cash Register first. If you’ve got the time, feel up to some suffering, and have some sugar close at hand to prevent your legs seizing up, then you can do them one after the other, CR then G.O.A.T. Alternatively there would be no issue in splitting them up in the day, so one in the morning and the other in the evening. But the expectation would be to do both in the same day