Joy Ride workout - is this the footage being filmed?

I did the Joy Ride workout yesterday - and really enjoyed it. Good fun workout.

Especially when I realised I had been roadside when it was filmed - stage 9 of the Tour in 2018.

I went back through my footage of the race and saw this - a go pro on the bike! Is this the workout footage being filmed?

I really felt motivated in this workout as I was β€œin” the race, and it had a narrative flow through the stage. Really enjoyed this style in the video. It was just fun.


Yeah I really like this type of video with the camera on the bike, you should give Team Scream a go, that is my favourite video. Also Norway is all on bike footage if you have not tried those yet you will enjoy them (to an extent :hot_face:)

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Thanks! Will go check those out