Kickr Bike Internal Cable Routing

Hi All,

I was looking the Kickr bike and I’ve come to the conclusion that the external cabling from the shifters/bars look a little old fashioned.

Q - has anyone attempted replacing the bars and route the cables through the stem?


You will want to treat those cables with utmost delicacy as they are largely the root cause for shifter failures. I wouldn’t recommend rerouting. I have replaced my bars with a mild gravel bike bar but I route the cables as OEM. Customer Service has informed me that many of the reported shifter failures occur on bikes having frequent handlebar height/reach adjustments due to multiple users.

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Thanks for this, I have heard that the shifters can fail easily I assumed it was due mistreatment.

Actually given the fact this bike is designed for multiple users you would of thought that the wiring etc would be more robust. Nevermind.

I was told by head of customer service that they are sourcing cables from another vendor.

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