Kickr Bike shifter buttons

I’m new to Sufferfest and am working my way through ToS (after doing FF test last Friday). Today during Fight Club, I inadvertently hit the shifter buttons and found that they are FULLY OPERATIONAL! What a pleasant surprise. Inner buttons go up-and-down through ERG and Level modes, and top buttons adjust intensity ® and gradient tilt (L). Imagine my surprise when knocking the bike out of ERG mode during a sprint.

Of course, there is an entire support page on this topic and I had to find it in a search after completing Fight Club, Wahoo Kickr Bike – Sufferfest Support


Problem is they only work on iOS and Bluetooth. Not pc or mac.

I wonder why that capability hasn’t been pushed over to the WIN/MacOS versions? It does seem that the Sufferfest team could use a few more developers. With the Wahoo Kickr Bike and Wahoo Elemnt Roam, I have to say that the software and user interface are market leaders.

For you long-term sufferlandrians, have you seen any appreciable changes in the sufferfest app since the acquisition in 2019?

Yep! Works great with IoS. YO do have to be aware of the inner buttons to not sudden shift out of erg when you’re leaning on the bars. But its really nice in workouts like shovel where you may want ( or need) to go into a level mode and don’t have to do the touch screen thing. I use it there and in the short sprints in violator, etc.

Welcome! - they added a lot of new vids and sorting capability. Also individual control of the intensity levels I think in the last couple of years so you can dial back FTP but leave map alone etc. More options on what shows on the data and upload to other systems. I hear they are working on a lot more integration of wahoo space and that should come out this year. Also if you have a custom plan any coach set stuff can be uploaded to your bike Computer for outdoor work. I suspect that will be integrated I to the calendar for SUF shortly.

I did ToS Stage 4 Half is Easy & G.O.A.T on my iOS iPad today but couldn’t get my KICKR BIKE buttons to work. The left top “Tilt” button works but none of the other expected behavior you describe. Is there a setting to engage the other R/L inside buttons and Right top “ERG/Level” changes?

Thanks for your help and insights.

Hello Geoff,

I tested connecting my Kickr Bike to my iPhone, too. Buttons worked flawless talking to Suff on the iPhone. I’d suggest you check versions of software and firmware. Here’s what I have:

Kickr Bike Hardware Version: 4
Kickr Bike Firmware Version: 1.16.0

IPhone iOS: 14.4
IPhone Model: Xs

IPad OS: 14.4
IPad Model: 4th Generation

Sufferfest App Version: 6.20.0

The only other thing I can think you might want to check is the connection from your bike to your iOS device. All of the icons (slope, power, control, cadence) except for speed are green. I have speed computed from the app (Sufferfest Virtual Speed).

Thanks @egpaterson I’ll confirm set up.