It’s a workaround that I’ve discovered myself while testing - it may help others - it’s not a fix :slight_smile:
I do it before a SYSTM ride otherwise the green data icons aren’t shown - Wahoo are aware as far as I know.

DIRCON (wired or WiFi) is “BT over TCP/IP”. KICKR WiFi works in RGT even with BT disabled.
SYSTM cannot even find KICKR WiFi when BT is disabled.

FWIW, it looks like DIRCON in SYSTM is implemented as ‘patch’ into BT communication, poorly implemented as it also seems that SYSTM initialize BT (or its BT client part) on startup and that part was forgotten in that patch. That initial setup blocks BT over TCP/IP. It is cleared on workout finish correctly so all is good on next workout. Just my speculations.

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@macnuts Sounds like that may be worth sending to support - you never know :wink:

My trial ends today. I have the same problem. I have set everything up correctly I can use both Systm and RGT. I can see a WiFi connection on my phone app but getting one on the PC has only worked once.

Right now I’m struggling to see any benefit in having WiFi. If I have any UX advice it’s to always show a WiFi icon whether is connected, disconnected, grayed out. At least then you know where it should be.

I’m trying one more time then it’s off to my Zwift trial tomorrow.

OK I did two things today.

1 Powered up the Kickr after starting the Windows app and started the ride. I’m reasonably sure this is what made it work yesterday.
2 Previously disconnected the Ant+ dongle

Anyway all went smoothly, with Kickr connecting via WiFi, and I was able to do my 4DP test so that if I go the Wahoo route I’ll be prepared.

Shame the free trial is so short.