New SYSTM user - issues with Kickr Snap in SYSTM Android app

New SYSTM user (was previously subscribing to RGT, just subscribed to Wahoo X).

I’ve recently purchased a Kickr Snap so thought I’d give SYSTM a go using the Android app.

  • Added the Kickr Snap in the main Wahoo app - it connected.

  • Updated the firmware in the main Wahoo app - that worked (now showing as using v2.3.63).

  • Performed a Spindown in the main Wahoo app - that worked.

  • Added the Kickr Snap in the SYSTM app - it connected.

  • Attempted to perform a Spindown in the SYSTM app - got the following error straight away:

Clicking “Retry” did nothing.

  • Then tried to start a SYSTM workout - the Kickr Snap remained as “Connecting…” but never connected:

Not the best start :weary:

I’ve tried:

  • Force closing both the Wahoo app and SYSTM app and reloading the SYSTM app.
  • Turned the KICKR Snap off and back on.
  • Selected to “Forget sensor” in the SYSTM app , then re-added it.

None worked. I’ll try using the RGT and SYSTM apps on my laptop when I get time this weekend to see if it works on there.

On another note - can the SYSTM Android app only run in landscape mode? I was hoping to use it in portrait mode (like I have done using TrainerRoad and TrainerDay in the past).

I am not sure if this helps you but if you want to connect sensors (e.g. Kickr) via bluetooth on Android device, you must also turn ON the location service. Maybe it is worth checking.

As far as I know the workout player on Android device is landscape only.

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Yeah it had permissions to the location service - adding it in Manage Devices worked fine (and displayed the power/speed, so it was definitely connected).

@oggie41 When I have had that issue in the past generally it is because something else is connecting to the trainer or the firmware isn’t updated.

I see you forced quit WFA and SYSTM. Maybe look around and see if anything else is connecting - eg a watch, bike computer, another program.

There is an email and phone number for support.

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@JSampson I gave the Android app a quick test today and it connected to my trainer fine in the workout player :+1:

The Spindown function still didn’t work in the SYSTM app, but that’s no biggie as it works in the main Wahoo app.

More importantly, everything worked fine with the new trainer in RGT and SYSTM on my laptop :ok_hand: