Knighthood attempt tomorrow (April 10)

Congratulations Sir Joey_Roa


Congratulations!!! May there be much feasting on pain shakes for breakfast!!

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@Joey_Roa Brilliant work! Love the playlist.

I sure don’t! Lol.

Revolver so late in challenge was a mistake. Short ride but OMG


Lol! Ended mine with Revolver. Like I said before, ISLAGIATT. :man_shrugging:t3:

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We all learn from those mistakes! However, you survived and you’ll never have to do this again (unless you really want to). As the resident reminder person, don’t forget the paperwork for formal recognition and access to the Knight’s areas. Plus, you get a neat certificate and some decals for your steed(s).

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Thanks. Filed the paperwork last night in my lactic-stupor. I think I challenged GVA to a duel.


Better watch out. I’ve heard he likes drag racing Pain Suckers…You get them attached and then have to drag them down the dirt road and they have to fall off before his.


Well done sir @Joey_Roa ! That’s an incredible feat!

I am planning to attempt the knighthood myself towards the end of May and my word, feeling both anxious and nervous about it.


@DarrenWCKam thanks. The crew on the forums have lots of tips and support. Here are a few things that worked for me:

  • changing bibs every couple of hours. Chamois cream is a godsend
  • eat a little a lot. Nibble on something right from the start. Dried fruit, apples, bananas, clif bars, a sub sandwich, some gels
  • align your playlist to your strengths (sprinter vs grinder). Have your strengths at the end.
  • I listened to tunes and watched a movie or two. Distractions.
  • just know that you will have to grind thru it. You can’t avoid it

Hope that helps


Congratulations @Joey_Roa ! Welcome to the castle.

@DarrenWCKam , a couple of other suggestions:

  • do the KoS Prep Plan in the SYSTM app - especially the sessions with multiple workouts back to back - this will be good preparation
  • practice the 10 minute changeover between workouts - the time goes fast
  • have as much prepared beforehand as you can - you don’t want to be searching for food, kit, or anything like that in those precious 10 minutes
  • ask any questions you may have here - we’re all happy to help people in the planning phase
  • be prepared for a lot of pedaling - it’s different to that length of time outside where you get lots of breaks on downhills and times you can coast
  • number 7 is half way - make that a favorite workout

Nice call outs @way9e0

It surprised me that my wrists were sore during the last couple of videos.

@Joey_Roa thank you for those pointers.

I better be getting some chamois cream soon since my KoS Prep plan is starting next week. I always believing in the golden rule to not try anything new before a big event.

About the feeding (as I like to call it), I am actually thinking of putting to practice those pointers from the Eating to Suffer book. By the way, I can no longer find that book anywhere on the blog or in this forum. At this point in time, I am still not sure where I will be setting up my bike but I would definitely appreciate it, if I could set it up in the kitchen where I am much nearer to all the food, drinks and not to forget the fridge. Not sure if my folks would be please with it either. Hahaha

Again many thanks for the additional pointers Sir @way9e0.

I just did a 3 hour back-to-back ride just a fortnight ago at 100% although I did tell myself to stick to about 80% and nothing more. I guess, I was too pumped up on that morning.
Oh and speaking about the 10 minutes break, goodness gracious, they go by too quickly. But at the very least, I did managed to get a boiled egg and some yogurt in both the 10 minutes break.
In the upcoming 5 back-to-back rides in the prep plan, I will have to practice changing to a fresh pair of bib shorts and mounting the bike onto the turbo. I predominantly ride on rollers.

I did read a few threads mentioning the 7th ride is the halfway mark in this glorious effort and should be celebrated with the favourite ride and prepping the entire journey with the much longer and intensive rides at the beginning with the shorter and less intensive ones at the tail end.
Personally I think I will be going GOAT as my last, but not the rest.

Just a curious questions, does anyone tape a kind of strip of power figure guides on their top tube for their most honourable knighthood attempt?


Actually, make the LAST your absolute favorite. Make #7 your second favorite and a ride you KNOW very well.

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Hey @DarrenWCKam good luck with your quest.

Unlike Sir @jmckenzieKOS it’s my take that #7 ought to be your absolute favourite for the reasons you suggest. The 7th video has ended more than one attempt. It’s kinda like the wall when running a marathon or the 7000 metre point on an Everesting. By putting your favourite there, it could give you the motivational push to keep on going even though you might feel like a bag of, umm, hammers. Imho, no matter what you choose for the very last video, you’ll do it, cuz you’ll NEVER be that close to completing your Knighthood again (unless you’re like a few of the real nutters here who’ve done it more than once (there are surprisingly quite a few of these folks)).

I’ll add that eating is something best done on the bike. You’ll have plenty of warmups and cooldowns to take advantage of. The 10 minute breaks, as you already know, go by fast. Just enough time for a couple kit changes, nature breaks, saving, posting, loading your next vid, applying chamois cream and maybe getting a bit of a stretch and get your shoes back on.

Eating to Suffer is still available here, but probably not for long.

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I am actually considering swapping the position of Attacker and GOAT though. Attacker did put a whole lot of COURAGE in me most recently after having gone through a rough patch. I have to say, Attacker did its thing. :joy:


Thank you so much for the pointers Sir @Glen.Coutts.
I was doing up a tentative schedule of events whilst being at work (hopefully no one saw my impending HONOURable effort).

eating is something best done on the bike. You’ll have plenty of warmups and cooldowns to take advantage of.

I believe you are right about this especially considering that I am switching between the rollers and the turbo and those 10 minutes, they just go by with a blink of an eye.

Thanks for the link to the Eating to Suffer book by the way! Really appreciate it!

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