Knighthood form not working UPDATE: As of 1 Feb 2024 it is fixed :)

Hi all,

Just did the knighthood challenge today.
Wanted to go fill out the form, not got an error the form can’t be found…


Link is bad for me too, you’ll have to raise support request I think.

Alas, Wahoo support are on holiday break Dec 22 until Jan 1 in the US at least.

@Matthias_Boucherie I see the same thing. Just email support as noted by @jesawdy. They will fix it.

I’ve got an old link that may not actually go anywhere. You could try this while you’re waiting.


[cue ominous music]


C’mon - SOMEBODY must have thought this too…





The Knighthood application link is currently broken and I’m not able to view any of the outstanding submissions either (I’m not panicking, I’m not panicking, I’m not panicking…)

I have sent a message to the Minions who work deep in the SUF Mines and am hoping someone will see the message and respond BUT it is Christmas, and even GvA allows the Minions to climb out of the deepest SUF Mines over Christmas (it’s one of the few times he lowers a ladder to those depths!).

We will get these up and working again and I’ll post here when they are. Thank you all for your patience!


You’re a gem, @Dame.Ellisa.Podemski May your Suffmas be truly miserable in pursuit of honour etc etc.


You are truly the best. May you suffer a very Merry Christmas



Well played!

Well, that would explain why I haven’t heard back about my submission on Dec 9 for my KOS on Dec 8. The form worked for me then. But if you can’t access the submissions…

I can always forward you the response email form. :slight_smile:

Keeping my fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers:


@Dame.Ellisa.Podemski Hard to ride my bike with my fingers still crossed. Any KOS news?


Sir Evan, I’m currently cross border :scream: on a mission to recover the stolen Knighthood applications and restore the application form. We’re currently hunkered down waiting for the perfect moment to sneak stealthily into the location where we’ve been advised everything has been hidden in between couch cushions. (They’ll have to go out for donuts soon, and that’s when we’ll strike!)

The Couchlandrian saboteurs will not win this one - we’re very close to getting everything restored back to its rightful order.

And then floggings will start (can you believe the drawbridge was left down, allowing for the Couchlandrians to saunter in and steal the applications in the first place?)

I promise, once I’m back on the right side of the border, I’ll post here and let you all know that all has been restored and the border has been reinforced. Cheers!


So you admit, @Dame.Ellisa.Podemski, that Wahoo HQ is outside - likely in Couchlandria?

:thinking: :yum: :smirk:


I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation so much that I’ll gladly ride with my fingers crossed for at least an extra week or two. :laughing:

I’m sure GvA is well aware and keeping an eye on your, erm, activities in Couchlandria. :wink: :smirk:


Ahem…err…Attention All!!

I am thrilled to let you all know - THE KNIGHTHOOD FORM IS WORKING AGAIN!!

We were successful on our cross-border quest to retrieve the missing Knighthood applications and restore the form to proper functioning order. Please give me some time to recover from the horrors I have witnessed (what is hidden in the couch cushions in Couchlandrian should never be spoken of), and clean myself up (donut missile shrapnel should not be underestimated) so I can properly present all of the outstanding applications before GvA.

I expect to have all applications reviewed and approved (only if you’re worthy :wink:) by GvA by the end of the day tomorrow.

Thank you all for your patience!


Take a shower, erm, I mean bow, Dame @Dame.Ellisa.Podemski and thank you on behalf of the nation, for your devotion and your service!
:clap: :clap: :clap:


A very much welcome to the huge number of thanks yous headed your way. One word of warning: Fluffy smelled donuts on a Knight. Be aware that she may try to remove it. Those teeth are very sharp! (In other words, be careful opening the door for a few days). Fluffy comments are in jest as she keeps all of us in line (watch Revolver if you aren’t familiar with who Fluffy is).


Brilliant! :tada:

@Dame.Ellisa.Podemski You deserve a many medals in your honour for such a dangerous undertaking deep in the comfortable, tasty, lazy underbelly of Couchlandria. Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to Sufferlandria. I’m sure GvA will provide you with extra floggings as a suitable, ahem, reward… for your excellent efforts.

:clap: :clap:



Not all heroes wear capes.