Launch Videos from Web

It would be useful if I could launch strength, yoga and MTP videos from the Web app rather than having to have the sufferfest application installed. I could then watch them on my phone or old iPad or smart TV without having to use my suffering laptop.

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Just out of curiosity, how come you can’t watch them through the app on your phone or old iPad? I have the app on both and that’s what I use for strength/yoga, rather than setting up the laptop.


I have Android phone, my iPad iOS doesn’t support SUF and the laptop or PC will not be able to have SUF installed.

Android app would solve the issue for me but to just be able to play the other videos would be great YouTube style.

Hmm my iPad runs the suff app just fine.

I can’t install it, I think it said my iOS is not supported. I have no option to upgrade the iOS. It’s about 7 years old.

That’s gotta be the issue then, the iOS is out of date. You cannot update it?

iPads\iPhones of a certain age get cannot be upgraded past a specfic iOS version