Level mode erratic behaviour wahoo kickr core

I’ve recently bought a kickr core going from a wheel on trainer and this is the first time using the level mode. I tried a 5 second sprint a few times but once up to target power / cadence the power starts dropping off without a change in cadence.

I also tried a 4dp test today but gave up after very small changes in cadence had large effects on the power. Changing one gear on the rear went from 240w to 400w! Again once I found my cadence and target power, the power then started drifting down without a change in cadence.

The kickr core is on the latest firmware and has recently had a rundown calibration, I was using lvl0 for both exercises.
I’m on win10 (latest verion) and systm 7.2.2

As a side note, I was also trying to find a way of exporting the data for individual activities, but could not find a way, is there one?

I would also put up a screenshot of the power / cadence but as I’m a new user it wold not let me.

@jibbus What level were you in during the gear change where the power went from 240w to 400w and also what gears were you in?

I just did Full Frontal yesterday on a Kickr Core. Depending on the level selected and the gearing, things can definitely jump around a lot.

For the NM 5 second test I slowed my cadence way down - not a standing start but pretty close. I was in level 5 - 36 front, 14 rear. It is a combo that I can spin up fast and the level kept me from spinning out.

I use similar gearing for the other tests - maybe dropping to 13 or up to 15 and then select levels based on the test. I used level 4 for MAP, 3 for FTP and back to 4 for the one minute.

Next time you are coming up to a test, try one of the Open videos like Open 30 and work on different gear combinations and levels to figure out where you want to be for the test. You can also try doing some of the workouts in level mode - maybe on 1 or 2 and just shifting gears.

Do you have many wireless devices nearby?

In a previous thread I complained about similar things (I’ll try and find it). That in turn referenced another post.

Some people have noticed wifi interference causing similar phenomena. In my case I downloaded the workout, switched my mobile off and switched off a nearby wifi router and the improvement was great.

I know that’s perhaps a bit overkill, some times you need your phone on, need to be on WiFi, but there may be things you can do.


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Hopefully this links ok…

I have a Kickr Core. And this sounds like a normal situation as it’s simulating momentum by using the momentum of the flywheel. When you shift gears to a smaller gear on your cassette, you will have a lower cadence for the same power. If you want the same cadence in a smaller gear, you need to put out more power to get to the same cadence. Initially you have to put out more power to get the flywheel moving at a faster speed, so when you change gears your power will spike as you try to get the flywheel moving faster. Once your flywheel gets up to speed, then you don’t need to hold as much power to keep the flywheel moving at the same speed, so your power drops back down. Accelerating always takes more power than holding a steady speed.

If you want to export data for a single workout, go into Settings > Authorized Apps and turn on the toggle button for “Send completed activities to your email.”

Once you do that and set up an e-mail, you can go into your activity and choose to have it e-mailed to you.

Also, this will automatically send an e-mail to you for each activity when you complete and save it. If you don’t want to have a particular activity sent to you, you can always click to un-highlight the e-mail icon so it won’t e-mail you the activity file.


Kickr Core user here too. emacdoug has the correct answer :+1: The trick is to plan gear changes through the effort, like you would on the road, especially in AC and MAP efforts.


Excellent. Thanks for all your help. I think there is a little bit of interference coming from my fan, but it seems the vast majority of my problems is just getting used to how level mode works. Know what i’ll be doing this weekend !

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