Training Plan that incorporates an Outdoor Ride

So….the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. The sun has lost it’s warmth and there’s a lot more wet weather. Perfect time to start a new indoor training plan with the shinny new SYSTM platform. Problem is, I still like to get some fresh air once a week and join the Club ride. After all, that’s one of the joys of cycling - riding along in a bunch, talking rubbish and of course… the coffee stop.
Surprised to see this is no longer an option in the plan selection process. I’m hoping it’s just me and I’ve foolishly overlooked one of the filters. Can anyone help me out?


I have this question also. I’m also sure I’ve seen this asked in the past few days, but I can’t seem to find it…

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Yes, this has been discussed - by me among others. Search the forum or maybe ask the minions how to navigate to it, but the outdoor ride options are there in plan selection, a little arcane to find them, but I was able to get to it for my century plan.

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There is a little bit in the DCRainmaker article where he talks about this in the “coming soonish” that mentions outdoors workouts, my (and it is my take) it won’t be a cause of do this workout inside, this one outside, but a case following the plan, and doing workouts inside OR out … be interesting to see where this goes

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We moved away from distinguishing indoor-only vs indoor + Outdoor for a number of reasons.

For now, we have updated all NoVids to contain the Outdoor Workout description in the same format that we used in the SUF app for outdoor rides. We also added about 40 additional NoVids to cover the outdoor sessions that we didn’t have in the app.

Eventually, you’ll be able to push the workout profile to a head unit to follow outside. You’ll also be able to select an ‘Alternative’ workout. So if you have a NoVid/Outdoor ride on the weekend but want to ride a SUF session(s) inside you’ll be able to select the Alternative session which will replace the planned workout.

There are a few other reasons that we made this change for future-proofing, but those are further down the road map for implementation.

Hope that helps!


Will the opposite also be available? Having a planned Suf workout, but an alternative No Vid available to do as an outside ride? Just think ahead to the longer days next summer!


@TTDragon I’ll neither confirm nor deny that right now. :wink:


It’s like an X Files flashback did I pedal too quick earlier and end up back in the 90’s :rofl::rofl::rofl: #IWantToBelieve

Thanks for the reply @Coach.Mac.C.
I feel that’s a bit of a loss from my perspective. I’m not really interested in trying to do one of the workouts (vid or no-vid) outdoors. More about selecting a plan that has indoor workouts Monday-Friday but takes into account a “free ride” at the weekend. Followed a few of these in the past and felt they worked well. Guess the only option is to go down the customised training plan route?

I used to select the “with outdoors” plans before. They never had free rides, always an endurance or intervals type outdoor session. So very structured although I often just did a free ride anyway. What plan was this?

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Hi @DameLisa. No you are right, they were generally marked as lowish intensity rides which I too just did as free rides.
Guess that’s what’s hard about incorporating them into a plan as it’s difficult to know what intensity they will be.

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The gravel plans always did and still do have two outdoor rides. One endurance and one long intervals ride. If I do a free outdoor ride, I have a think about what intensity it was and use it either as the endurance or intervals session and switch the planned rides around accordingly.

If I ride one of those insane 4 hour above threshold holding on for dear life group rides, I only do one weekend ride.


@YeoYeo, if thats what you’re looking for, why couldn’t you just run the plan like @Coach.Mac.C suggests and when you get to the weekend just…go ride outside? Just make it a “free ride”.


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So, in other words, just mark what ever is on your calendar as being done?

Well…yeah? That would accomplish the goal, I’d think. An outdoor workout isn’t going to log into SUFF anyway, so at the end of the day, the only difference would be how you choose to do your road ride.

Unless I’m missing something in the OP’s question?