Provence: Gorges de la Nesque

Well…that was interesting…

That one gave me more than I was expecting. For me, a big part of this whole cycling thing is the mental game. With a stretch of about 35 minutes with no appreciable rest I needed to tell myself a few times to keep going (don’t quit).

Admittedly, the targets are not unreasonable by any means but being a little winded and realizing that there’s at least another 30+ minutes before relief was a bit of a challenge.

First time doing this one so maybe just a bad day for me but there you have it. That said, Im looking forward to doing it again…just not right away.:thinking:


When the On Location series came out, I expected it to be touristy rides. It quite quickly materialised that those are serious workouts! Luberon kills me every time.


Agreed. They are excellent workouts.

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