Jumping into the middle of a training plan?

I’m a new emigre to Sufferlandia - arriving in mid November, but I’ve come to really appreciate all this place has to offer.
After a dozen or so random workouts and a couple FF, I started the TOS prep-plan, which has been great. I’m especially excited about the Mental Toughness training and goal setting.
I’ve set my Mt. Sufferlandia for performing well (for me) on a 100 mile 10k’ Gravel GF in September, which is almost 2x the amount of climbing I’ve ever done on a single ride.
I’ve just found a similar ride I’d like to try out in April, which is biting off a lot, but it could be very informative for my fueling and pacing.

How reasonable is it to start the 100 miles Gravel training plan about 4 weeks after the start? Right when the TOS ends - which would be jumping directly into an ON week. Otherwise I’m not not sure the best plan of attach to prep for this April ‘RECON’ ride.

Welcome @simon_weiss ! I think that the answer depends on the intensity that you plan to do the tour. If you choose the nuclear option you will definitely need to schedule some recovery time. If you scale some or all of the TOS workouts then you may be able to start your training after a shorter delay.

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Yes, this is a good point. Of course, I have no idea what the ToS is actually going to include. Doing it at reduced intensity seems a bit to my sense like not really doing it, but of course, I see the utility in reducing the intensity and being able to jump into the training plan. I might even have to consider toning down the first “ON” week.

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