MAP calculations

Wanted to find out how the half monty calculates your MAP figure? Is it a percentage of FTP?

Hi @Eddielau1 , welcome!

I’m not sure what the calculation is, but my understanding is that your MAP is calculated directly from your power results during the ramp test. It must need five minutes of data which is why there are no estimates of MAP until you reach the sixth ramp step.

In Half Monty, I think it makes an initial estimate of your FTP based on your MAP results, and this estimation is then refined in the 20 minute constrained effort. Again, I have no idea of the actual calculations that are going on here to arrive at your calculated FTP.


There is another thread here with a bit of information: Half Monty MAP calculation?

And I feel like I’ve seen a post somewhere from one of the science team, but can’t remember where that is. Perhaps someone else will be able to share that link.

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Quoted from the from the experts and can be found in full here:
Other ramp tests just take 75% of your peak 1-minute power from the ramp to get your FTP. Analysis of tens of thousands of Full Frontal 4DP fitness tests by our sports scientists has shown that this simple formula doesn’t take into account athletes who are more anaerobically fit, resulting in FTP estimates that are inaccurate for 17% of athletes. Half Monty goes beyond a traditional ramp test by combining it with a 20-minute sub-maximal / tempo effort determined by an athlete’s heart rate. By analyzing the relationship between heart rate and power, Half Monty allows SYSTM app to calculate FTP to a higher degree of accuracy.”