Pre-setting FTP for Half-Monty accuracy

I’m new to training with power but I have been an athlete all my life. I went to do the Half-Monty test for FTP numbers for training zones, but noticed once in the test that my profile had my FTP set for 150w. After doing a few pre-test rides to test the app, etc. I knew my FTP is well over 150w. I did the test anyway and the warm-up/cool down power pre-sets were way too low and I got an email after saying all my results were null because I didn’t hit the power zones properly.

Is there any other way to estimate an FTP prior to a test so the ramps will increase at lease somewhat appropriately to my fitness level?


Hi Matt, and welcome!

When I started I had a strava subscription (not anymore…) That gave me power graphs and I used the 60min number to set the FTP target.

If you set the FTP to 250, you have statistically a very good chance that you’re in the right ballpark.

Else just do the HM two or three times :wink:

Yeah. Just pick a higher number. For Half Monty to work, the estimate doesn’t have to be precise, you just have to fail before the end of the ramp. The test uses your prior FTP (estimate for you) to figure where to start the ramp and I think uses FTP in conjunction with MAP to determine the size of each step. If you’ve done some workouts already, you probably have a sense for what you can do. Put that number in for FTP and put a number about 25% higher in the MAP (that’s important). Then try the test again.

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