Price increase

Anyone know where the price is going? Whether the yearly option will ever be available in the UK?

Not sure where the price is going but the annual subscription has always been available in the uk.
It used to be priced in USD ($129) but I see it is now £119

Link here

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Thanks for that…been searching forever but has always lead me back to google services :man_shrugging:t3:

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@Dafydd The yearly price is a good deal especially with the take it outside workouts along with all of the strength, mobility and yoga - plus access to RGT. I understand some like to jump on and off based on the season but I use it year round and find it keeps me disciplined.


@JSampson 100% agree.

I’ve paid the annual fee for the last couple of years and make full use of it all year round. Looking through this year’s calendar, even at the height of summer I completed at least one cycling workout every week, even if it was just recharger or openers before an event.

Only used RGT for the 1st time yesterday and it’s a brilliant addition. 1st race this evening which was a bit of an experience :hot_face:


We’ll have more news about what the new annual price will be later in the year (current price is $129 USD). Monthly is not going up. Price change takes effect on 15 Nov. If you are not yet on an annual subscription, I’d recommend getting on it! If you are on annual, but you don’t renew until sometime in 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to get in at the current price – stay tuned for details on that to come.

As of TODAY (Yay!) you can buy an annual subscription in GBP. Link here: WAHOO X Annual Membership | Wahoo Fitness UK


Was it you I was battling for the wooden spoon :spoon: on the Stage 2? :joy:

My 1st time using it for racing and it was a reality checkup for sure, getting spat out the back and lapped. :hot_face:


I’ve had the email about locking in the annual membership for $129 /£119. My annual membership doesn’t expire until 23 Feb 2023. If I pay the annual membership today does this extend until 27/10/23 or will it add an extra year and expire 23/2/24?

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Haha, not guilty. I did the West London Cycling race and managed a mediocre mid-field finish.

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Does anyone know the answer?

@Fantom a lot of people have reported that renewing their subs now added on a full 12 months from when their membership was supposed to end. So in your case, you will be paid up until 23/2/24.

For example, see here Subs going up?


HEADS UP. ONLY 8 days left including today to renew for the $129 annual price (US $), as the rate increase is on November 15th, when the ANNUAL goes up to $149 , according to an email I just got from Wahoo X.
I’m assuming others are getting notifications in other markets, but don’t know that for sure.

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P.S. to answer the question about whether it will add a full year to whatever end date you have in place already, the answer is yes, at least for what it did for me. I renewed within a few days of the first email about the increase, and it bumped my end date up from April 5, 2023 to April 5, 2024.

It worked for me but only once I fully read the email which came from Wahoo Fitness. THere is a code in the Invoice email which enables an extension of a year from when you are already paid up.
So I am now committed to Suffer until at least Feb 2024! Wahoo indeed.

David, if we missed the code in the email is there a way to get a replacement?

Hey guys – Sorry – I made a mistake and had 1 Jan as the day I thought it was going to increase but in fact it’s 15 Nov. I’ve edited my post to reflect that.

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Just hit us up and we’ll help you:

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