Mid-plan Change from Multisport to Cycling-only

I’m running through my first SYSTM program and having tremendous success at the halfway point. The plan I have chosen is:

  • Half-Distance
    • Moderate Volume - 2:1 - Season Prep - Strength
  • Mental Training
  • Yoga - Intermediate
  • Strength - Level 4

The volume is absolutely perfect for me. Most workouts are tough, but not too tough. By the end of the second hard week I’m definitely ready for a break. So far my FTP is up 20% since August, my watch estimates my VO2 Max has increased from 44 to 51 (only a few more points until I’m “advanced” haha), I have lost 8 lbs, and my swimming is vastly, vastly improved. It’s awesome.

So why change if it’s going so well? Unfortunately, I’m developing some mild plantar fasciitis in my right foot so I want to take a break from running. The offseason seems like a good time to do that anyway. I also joined my local masters swim team and have been doing their workouts 2-3 times a week, so the SYSTM swim workouts aren’t strictly necessary. I think I want to change to a cycling-only plan.

My focus from now until the start of the training season will be:

  1. Getting down to race weight - I still have about 8-9 lbs to lose.
  2. Boosting FTP/4DP
  3. Fully resting all my running bits
  4. Improving my swim technique - I have also signed up for individual swim lessons with one of the masters coaches

Given my history and goals, is there a particular plan I should switch to? Or should I just keep going with my multisport plan and swap out the runs for additional rides or swims? I.e. this Thursday I have Violator and a 15 minute brick. I could just do Violator and then follow it up with a 15 minute Zone 2 ride instead.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome and congrats on your early success! :clap:t2::clap:t4::clap:t5:

Since you’re not focused on any particular event, you could certainly switch to the all purpose riding - that’s almost all i did when i first signed up, w all the same goals as you. Just set up the plan w an end date the same as your current, then delete the multisport plan and pick up where you left off.

That said, if you enjoy and value the swimming, you could do as you mentioned - just swap runs for rides.

Been there on the PF! Best to catch it early and treat. Its a long road.


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@alzxjm Hello and welcome to the SYSTM Forum! So excited for you and your gains that you’ve made! For plantar fasciitis I would recommend finding a good body worker that does Fascial Distortion Model work. In regard to the plan, you certainly could stick with your current plan and sub out runs for easy bikes. You could also do what @CPT_A recommends and drop your multi sport plan for a cycling only plan, and on a cycling only plan you can swap out your easy rides for your swims. General All Purpose plan is great plan to start out with. Have you tested on the Full Frontal 4dp test yet? If so you could also do a building block plan that focuses on your weakness. You could also work on an Event Prep Time Trial Plan. Keep us posted on your journey! Keep up the great work!

  • Coach Corey