Newbie! Aqua Bike or Multisport with no running?

Ive literally just signed up for the trial period, having just bought a Wahoo Kickr. Anyway, im looking at a training plan for a swim/bike event as i have been told im not allowed to run (ankle ops).
So…do i sign up for a triathlon programme and just not do the running, or is there any way of taking parts of a training plan and customising it to the event im doing…ie replace the running with strength or something similar, or add bits in , say an extra ride or swim etc on running days.


HI! Welcome to the SYSTM community! And please stay tuned for more training plans in the future more specific to your swim/bike goals! wink. wink.

For now, yes, try a multisport plan for the distance that applies to your event, include the add-ons for strength as well as yoga and skip the running. You could replace recovery rides for a few runs if you feel motivated for more riding!

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Thank you

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