Modifying 4DP results after first test?

I just did my first Full Frontal test and got my results (NM power 1250 watts, AC 422, MAP 237, FTP 206.) The app “strongly recommends” I reduce my ftp by 2-3%, but if anything I think the ftp was closer to a true effort, and I probably didn’t pace the MAP well, held back too much at first (it’s been a couple years since I’ve done any real testing.) It’s also just based on a single test, and it’s VERY early in the year. So I see three options:

  1. Follow Wahoo’s recommendations.
  2. Keep my ftp and adjust my MAP up by 5-10 watts.
  3. Keep my settings as they are based on the test and plan to retest in 4-6 weeks.

Most of my training this time of year will be Z2 anyway, so I’m not sure how much difference it actually makes. It’s the “strongly recommends” that is raising questions.

Any thoughts?

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  1. If you don’t think the test was accurate, do some rides with your current numbers and plan on retesting.
  1. Have you done a Half Monty test?
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2-3% isn’t too much. I’d do as Sir @jmckenzieKOS suggests. If you find it a bit much, you can always dial it down.

As for when to retest, you might want to do as @JGreengrass suggests as the Half Monty is not nearly as daunting, requires much less pacing and for a significant number of us, provides exceptionally accurate FTP and MAP results. You could even do it after a few days of recovery from Full Frontal as you don’t need to be quite as fresh for HM as opposed to FF.