Out Now! 10 More NoVid Workouts

The coaches at the Wahoo Sports Science Division have been hard at work designing new workouts to target every aspect of your 4DP profile.

There are 10 new NoVids available now in the app, ranging in duration from 30 minutes to just over an hour.

Looking to mix up your training? Try one of these new sessions now.



That’s tomorrow’s knighthood (pseudo) then … :slight_smile:

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Brilliant work folks love the look of them :muscle:t2:

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I love low cadence riding and many of these look great. :+1:

I presume the reason for the NoVid Workouts is that it enables you to design more workouts for us without having to find and edit a video, sync the video to the workout, and come up with a story line.

All you have to do is think about the purpose of the workout and figure out how to accomplish it.


GAH! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I was getting so close to having completed all of the workouts in the Library in the fall. And then you dumped 10 NoVids and a whole bunch of the Inspiration videos for me to work through… which I’m still working on. Now, another 10 more NoVids means that I have something like 39 videos that I haven’t done. I wish that life didn’t have to get in the way of Suffering.

(PS - I actually love the NoVids and would love to see some more of them incorporated into the triathlon training plans)


I counted up the workouts I haven’t done last night, and despite having the All Cycling badge there are now over 90 for me to do. I really hope these are included in that!
The biggest problem with following plans is you don’t get much variety in the sessions. Every now and then I’ll go off piste for a week between plans and do some new workouts because they look cool :slightly_smiling_face:


I fully get WHY you guys have done this, it lets you put out more workouts, to improve the quality of the plans, and the results. Makes a lot of sense.

But, I don’t personally like it. I am a previous Trainerroadian (blasphemy I know), and I lost the ability to be able to stare at lines and words. If the NoVids sneak into the training plans too much, I can’t say that I would stick around really.

Sufferfest was something completely different to Zwift, to Trainerroad, and I’m sure the other platforms I don’t know about. The fun commentary, the integrated music, the videos, meant I didn’t have to scrabble around Youtube before each session to find something to watch. If I end up doing that again, then I would hate it.

Just my 2 cents worth, I may well be the only one, but that’s the joy of a forum I guess, chumps like me can comment!


You are not the only one :wave: :+1:

[I should probably qualify that by saying that I’m not going anywhere, NoVid or no NoVid. Can’t leave and all that]



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I respectfully disagree. Sufferfest is not just the videos its also the community and the best sports science of any of the platforms. These have obviously filled a gap of missing workouts and appreciate that they’ve come out now instead of waiting 6 months or however long until they’ve put videos to them. I wonder if they’re just stand alone workouts right now or have been put into any training plans yet.

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I’m somewhere in the middle. Most days I prefer the SUF workouts with the videos providing great motivation. Other days I want something more targeted, and some days I do enjoy a less technical workout. I would enjoy a number of the no-vids more if they had videos. But they also allow me the chance to watch other things while I ride like live bike races, podcasts, and youtube videos I have in my playlist. I enjoy all the new inspiration videos because they aren’t mindless no-vids. But at the same time, sometimes I do enjoy a mindless no-vid or the opportunity to watch my own vid. So… there’s always a middle ground. And at least the SUF app allows us to turn off the soundtrack/music and still run it in the background while we listen to our own music or watch our own vids.

No-vids definitely aren’t always for everybody. But there are lots of options that make them less no-vid-ish. And there are alternatives if desired, as well.


Fully agree there are options to make them “less no vid-ish”, but my point was that it’s exactly the same as TR then. I hated having to find things to watch, or find music that won’t become rubbish halfway through. Just added admin to getting on the bike, and on more than one occasion ended with me not doing the workout! End of the day, as long as they don’t seep into the training plans heavily, then each to their own (as long as new videos still come out!)


Very happy for you to respectfully disagree :slight_smile: No offence taken!

Having seen the other side, other places also have communities, and lots of sports science. I’m not an expert so would have zero idea which is better.

I fully agree that if it’s the choice of some no-vids now, vs waiting 6 months for vids then this is probably the best route, my point was more that SF should be careful (IMO) in going down this route too heavily. I think it detracts from the overall platform and offering.


I totally get where you are coming from in that the SUF videos differentiate it from TR. I love the SUF videos too! What I like about the NoVids though is that they allow me to catch up on other things (eg. Youtube) while working out.

I am doing a full distance triathlon plan, and need to do 2hr+ sessions on the trainer each weekend (until it warms up in a few months and I can get outside!). Currently, only Open 120, ISTLA, and Kitchen Sink are 2hrs long or more, whereas there are 23 NoVids over that duration. So that’s why I would like to see some of them incorporated into the training plans.

Maybe there could be an option about adding in NoVids to the triathlon plans, like we can add strength and yoga? Or, maybe in the notes there could be a suggestion for each long bike workout as to which NoVid is a corresponding workout if you are riding on the trainer instead of getting outside? (For example, on Week 6 it suggests doing a 3hr25min ride of Tempo Increasing 30, 20, 10, 5… and there happens to be a corresponding NoVid with that session already. But that’s not always the case.) And, some of the shorter NoVids are absolutely killer workouts! (eg. the FTP Progression series)

Would it be great to have a video and story to go along? YES! I would love for there to more Sufferfest videos!


I like having the videos because it gives you a choice. If you don’t want to watch, just turn it off. If you don’t want to figure out your own entertainment, it’s already there for you. I like the humor thrown in also. Makes Sufferfest seem like a serious training program that doesn’t take itself so seriously a bit of fun can’t be thrown in.


If there was a way to put in a video of your choice over or in the no-vid workouts, it would be better. I’m running off an iPhone through Apple TV to my TV. Open 30 or 60, i can watch something and glance at my phone to make sure my power is where it should be. Anything with changes and real work, it’s tough, and dulls my interest. If there are going to be more No-Vid options, or foreign movies with subtitles, program an option in to let us watch something else.

I really dislike the No-Vid work outs. One of the reasons for subscribing to SYSTM are the videos under the workoutS. It doesn’t have to be a bike related video, but something with a “coach” or like the GCN videos would be great.

Either that, or provide directions to be able to play a video of our choosing under the blank screen to provide entertainment while we monitor our performance.

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Don’t worry – heaps more videos coming in the months ahead! :slight_smile:


You can use the ‘mini-player’ mode:

That minimizes the app to just the power target plot and the target/actual number boxes:

There’s also information here about it.

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