Mountain Fondo - skipped a day, now what?

So I’m starting Week 4 of a Moderate Intensity 2:1 version of Mountainous Fondo. Today I skipped Team Scream because even after the end of my recovery week I was having trouble keeping any kind of cadence over 80rpm (not a normal problem for me!). New HM numbers as of end of week 1 and they still hurt…

So tomorrow, do I do Standing Starts as scheduled? Team Scream then Standing Starts on Wednesday and skip Wednesdays scheduled recovery ride? I’m not sure which is more important to this weeks plan.

Any thoughts?

Hey @Cheryl.Vasan ,
Your body is definitely telling you that you need the recovery. You don’t get stronger during the training session, but in the subsequent recovery. Make sure you’re getting plenty of hydration, fuel and sleep. Forget Team Scream and carry on.



Thanks. I so appreciate the quick response, @Coach.Spencer.R

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Great ideas. Here’s one: Do the recovery ride and then something like Super Easy Stretches II. If you are still feeling it, like Coach Spencer said, skip Team Scream. You don’t want to add more load when you are already down.