MTB Training plans for 2022 season race, Which plan to use?

Goodmorning everyone,
I will finish the 4DP test this week and have to create the training plan for the next MTB racing season.

type of races: MTB marathon 60-> 120km 3500-> 4500 Mt D +

Which plan to use? bearing in mind that:

  1. The winter season begins without competitions
  2. I will have the first “simple” races in April / May
  3. I will need the maximum performance for the important races in the months of June / July and August.

Is there a single plan?

I follow a “winter” plan until March, which one?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions

Hey @Stefano_TS_Italy,

Sounds like your races will line up well with using the 12 week MTB Marathon “Season Prep” plan over the winter, then the 12 week MTB Marathon Race Prep plan that should take you to the end of June. The pre-season plan has both indoor and outdoor ride options scheduled on the weekend, so depending on your environment, you have the choice to ride indoor or out. Just wanted to make note so you don’t think you have to do both!
Take a look at those plans and see what you think!


Thanks Suzie, where do I find the plans you pointed out to me? are generated by the SYSTM configurator?

@Stefano_TS_Italy you get to them via the choices shown below: