MTB Pre Season - other levels


this is a plan request for different levels for the Pre Season XC MTB plan. I have gone through it once, and am doing it for the second time, but it feels too easy. Individual workouts are still brutal (ergh that 100 rpm Defender interval nearly killed me on the weekend), but the plan seems to be set at beginner level (2 weeks on, and 1 week rest). This is compounded due to the fact that adding in strength takes out spin workouts. I feel like I’m really only doing a couple of hard workouts a week for a couple of weeks and then it’s rest time again. The Laser Goats are starting to eyeball me.
An intermediate / advanced with 3 weeks on, 1 off would be great.
There is one in the In Season XC MTB, but I am not in season at the moment. :laughing:


Strange - just checked the app and you are correct - there are no longer levels for the pre-season plan.

@ErickT @ChrisMTB Yeah - there were definitely levels and now they are gone. I would suggest reaching out to the minions.

Cheers @JSampson I reckon I might to see what comes along with the upgrades coming up. :slight_smile:



Hopefully we’ll finally get and XCM plan for the 6+hr/40+mile events.

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@ErickT For now I just add on to my planned weekend volume and monitor it in Training Peaks.

Same here.