Multisport Mode

Hi, I did a club Triathlon race this morning and used my new Wahoo Rival watch and Roam head unit which were both paired via the Multisport option. However, when it all uploaded to Strava it showed every leg as a Run. It even showed the swim leg as a run leg. Within the Wahoo eco-system it showed the splits correctly (swim, bike, run) but curious to know why that doesn’t transfer or relate when uploading to Strava. Anyone experienced this before. I had to manually update all the headings on Strava which is no biggie, more a pain to have to do. Also the swim leg showed it as a running pace but clearly the Strava map showed it as a swim leg. It was also set to Touchless Transitions and wondering if this feature is a bit of a dud and should I have manually ended the swim to enter T1, then on to the bike and so on until the race was over. I moved from Garmin to Wahoo to take advantage of the touchless transition to avoid having to worry about any of that. Click start on the swim and end on the run when finished. Look forward to some insights from others if they have experienced this. It also may be a Strava issue rather than a Wahoo issue, not sure.