Rival Sync with Strava

Hi there.

I’ve just done an Ironman with my Elemnt Rival. Not only I cannot edit the transitions as the app is supposed to do, but they syncronized with Strava, everything except for the swimming. Weird enough! I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, not sure that is the problem.

Here I leave some captures (in spanish though) to get some help.


I had a similar issue over the last week with different types of activities although they weren’t syncing at all. I had to deauthorize Strava (profile > authorized apps > Strava > deauthorize) and then authorize it again. Voila!

Thanks TJ! Do you have iphone or android? I tried on an iphone and I didnt have any problem at all. So I’m worried is the OS. Weird because is a top end smartphone…

I have an iPhone although I believe this is more of an issue with the Element app and not the phones OS.

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I have the same feeling. I hope someone from Wahoo gets this topic and help me.

Thanks for your answer TJ

If you hit the “Share file” button:

can you then email yourself a copy of the fit file and do a manual upload to Strava? If so, does that include the missing swimming segment?