MyFitnessPal auto-sync

As new year hit I decided to try and get back to tracking my nutrition. I’m using MyFitnessPal ('cos it’s easy, no other reason). Systm auto-syncs to TrainingPeaks and from there TP and MyFitnessPal sync with each other. It is all very simple and requires no effort from me (hurrah!)

Except for a small glitch I saw today, @abicarver’s Pre-Ride WarmUp, 9H then a quick run became:


I can think of many ways of categorising those some of those moves, but I’ not sure this is one of them!

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That’s weird


@leebo I’m glad you posted this. I was about to create a ticket with the minions on the same subject. I also find the mapping of Wahoo activity fields into MyFitness Pal quite erratic. Yoga can be labeled yoga, but with the wrong time. More often, it is labeled Shovelling Snow. Mental Toughness sessions are often labeled Shovelling Snow and sometimes as Yoga or Wii Golf!