Nativly Support RTHR, rTP, rTV, sTP


I am a new user to Systm, so apologies if this is a feature (I can’t believe its not), and I have just not worked out how to use it.

As a user on a multisport plan, I want better support for zones in disciplines other than cycling, so that the workouts are easier to follow.

Currently, if you do a 4DP test Systm will work out your FTP, power and cTHR zones. These then are displayed with cycling work outs so you know what effort you need to maintain. This works really nice.

Now lets look at a swim workout:
To understand what pace the athlete needs to be targeting they need to visit the url , map the RTP to the row, find their sTP (not stored in app), do a calculation, write that down and take it to the pool with them.

Its a similar story with run workouts.

So what do I mean about Natively supporting the metrics RTHR, rTP, rTV, sTP. As a MVP would request that users can input these metrics into the Athlete’s profile, the same way they can for cycling; then when the user chooses a running/swimming workout the workout instructions use these values as well as the RPE.

The ideal solution would be for these metrics to be automatically filled out when the user does the 5k Pace Test (running) and the 50/500 swim test.

I understand that RPE is, well relative, to the person - but Personally I find working from RPE very difficult as I am an incredibly bad judge of my exertion. I would love to see other disciplines get the same amount of love as cycling as those workouts are much easier to follow as they have clear targets.

Thanks in advance!


The 50/500 swim test is not reliable. If you want to know what your 1000m max is, just swim 1000m…

Great input Jace. If you note the original post I suggest the ability to input the sTP manually; which will let you carry out any test you like, and update your sTP in the Athlete profile.

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