Power in run workouts

Hi all.
I notice that some of the run workouts in Systm (Revolver, The Machine, Steamroller) import my FTP from my 4DP test.
How is this supposed to work?
Is that there for devices such as the Stryd power meter?
If so I am pretty sure my ride FTP wouldn’t be the same as my equivalent of Threshold Power for running.
Anyone know how this is supposed to work?


@AstroBoy69 Unfortunately the workout player only caters to cycling but there are plans to launch a new player at some point to address the issue. For now I would suggest doing the workouts based on RPE.

They were mapped over a few years ago by a run coach from the community. As you allude to it was for people with Stryd pods. When that was done you still had the option to easily switch between workouts being based on either FTP only or 4DP as FF has only just launched. As the FTP only setting was separate at that point to the FTP components within 4DP what we all did was use the FTP only setting for run power. It was then easy to just toggle between the two.

What I do now if I do a run workout is I just adjust the FTP intensity setting (as in the % in the workout player) until it matches my run FTP. You could obviously just temporarily manually adjust your actual FTP, but then you run the risk of forgetting to switch it back afterwards :slight_smile: