Training Plans that are not 4DP based

One thing that I have noticed with the new SYSTM app is that there is no option to select the originally available plans like Hilly Gran Fondo, Full Centry, etc… As I want to be able to focus on my actual weakness of climbing, Im not really interested in becoming a better sprinter (which is what the 4dp has identified me as) and I don’t really want to follow any kind of plan based on the 4dp profile either.

Could the original plans from the old sufferfest app be made as an option to select rather than making 4dp the only option.

They’re there, you’ll want to search under Event Prep:


There’s a misconception about strengths and weaknesses that @Coach.Mac.C discussed a while back. Basically all of the plans are tailored to your rider profile and factor in your strengths and weaknesses.

What this means for example is that a sprinter who is training for a mountainous gran fondo will end up with a different plan than a Time Trialist who is also training for a mountainous gran fondo.

Each plan takes into account both your strengths and weaknesses to create a plan which will provide you with the desired objective to improve as much as you possibly can within the time allotted.


Thanks guys, I went through the options a bit more and found what I was looking for.

Is that still the case in SYSTM? I was under the impression that the plan tweaking by rider type had not yet been implemented since the move from SUF. I could be wrong, I was just picking up on other forum chat.

I think it’s indirectly by rider type via your strengths and weaknesses. In other words a sprinter will have a different weakness than a time trialist. But maybe we’ll need a minion to chime in here.

If I’ve understood the construct… if you have a sprinter weakness, doing workouts that raise your NM and AC, in fact, help raise your MAP and FTP. So being able to recruit different muscle fibers while/whilst climbing is a good thing that can make one a better climber and give you additional “tools” to pull from.