Which Plans Use Which Workouts

It would be nice if in the notes for a given workout, you could list which training plans use the workout.

There might be a lot of combinations as it may also depend on your rider type?

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Maybe now with revised plans. In the past I never noticed that my 4DP strengths and weaknesses factored into the plans.

It might depend on the intensity of the plan you choose.

I presumed the plan’s content changed with rider type?

From what I could tell, they did not. I do not know if that has changed with SYSTM.

I never found any of the recommended workouts for strengths and weakness deliberately included in the plans.

This was a while ago but @Coach.Rupert.H said that plans are tailored to your rider type and 4DP profile. I presumed, may be incorrectly, that while individual workouts were tailored to your 4DP profile, which workouts were included were based on your athlete profile ie strength and weakness.

May be one of the coaches could help clear it up?

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Right now the plans do not take into account rider type as we worked to offer the different intensity and progression offerings however the Sport Science Team has it on the radar and will work to get rider type specific plans available again soon.