We are so, so, so excited and proud to announce the launch of A Week With the UCI World Cycling Centre. It’s live in Wahoo SYSTM right now and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Watch the Official Trailer here from 29 Nov 8am USA EST.

AWW WCC Road 1


Imagine you’re one of the most promising cyclists in the world. Now imagine you get a call to come and train in a place with others like you - where you have access to some of the world’s best coaches, where you focus on nothing but the bike, where all the facilities, from the gym to the restaurant to the service course, are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams.

Welcome to the UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland. Opened in 2002 to give promising athletes from developing nations a better chance to realize their dreams, the elite training facility supports more than 100 riders a year across BMX Racing & Freestyle, Road, Track and Mountain Bike.

A Week With the UCI World Cycling Center takes you behind-the-scenes for a never-before-seen look at what life is really like at this exclusive facility. Over the course of six episodes, you’ll learn from the coaches, share dreams with the riders and meet the staff who believe so passionately in their mission. You’ll also get in a solid week of training as you climb mountains with the Women’s road team, jump high into the air with BMX Racing, hit the dirt on the MTB and sprint for glory on the Velodrome.

THE SESSIONS (All LIVE in SYSTM right now - apply them all as a plan in the training plan section)

1. Introduction: 4 minutes
Is that your phone ringing? That’s right – it’s Liam Phillips, Performance Director at the WCC, calling to invite you to spend a week with he and his team to find out what you’re really good at.

2. Tour: 31 minutes - Easy/warm-up ride
Ride and take a tour of the UCI World Cycling Centre with its Director, Jacques Landry, where he and others share its mission as well as stories and insights into what the centre has to offer.

3. Track: 52 minutes - Neuromuscular power focus
Get face-to-face with legendary track coach, Craig MacLean on the UCI Velodrome. The workout includes a Scratch race and a series of high-intensity efforts with the track athletes.

4. Road: 1hr 27 minutes - Threshold and Maximal Aerobic Power focus
Join the UCI Women’s Continental Team, as they take you out on a team time trial up the infamous climb of Torgon, a UCI rite of passage, before finishing up with a race simulation and long descent back home.

5. BMX Racing: 45 minutes - Anaerobic Capacity Focus
UCI World Cycling Centre Performance Manager Liam Phillips takes riders through an introduction to the sport and five flat out laps of the track.

6. Mountain Bike: 1hr - Maximal Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity Focus
Riders will join the trails in La Thuile, Italy with the Mountain Bike Team Coach Charlie Evans and will do two laps of the race course, attempting to master the highly technical features, demanding climbs and aggressive competitors.


Normally, the ‘easiest’ way to get Official UCI World Cycling Centre merch is to be a rider-in-residence. But if you finish all workouts in the series by the 23rd of December, you’ll not only earn the UCI WCC badge, but we’ll also put you in a draw to win one of these awesome prizes:

  • 1 Winner: Official UCI World Cycling Centre Team Jacket by Santini + WCC Water Bottle + Wahoo Towel + Wahoo Sweatbands
  • 2 Winners: WCC Water Bottle + Wahoo Towel + Wahoo Sweatbands

We’ll draw the winners and post them here on the forum and on the SYSTM homepage by the end of the year.

And stay tuned: We’ll publish the ‘making of’ story here in the days ahead as well as an invitation to a live RGT ride with UCI WCC Director Jacques Landry and some of the WCC athletes featured in the series. Until then, get in there and let us know what you think.



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#3 not showing up in the library, @David.McQuillen.KoS?


Loved the track session! Really interesting to see and hear about how the pros integrate track work into their training!

Look forward to doing the full week :slight_smile:


This looks great. Will be adding it to my calendar when the plan is there as @CPT_A mentioned.

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A challenge? To punish myself with new sessions, new content, and a chance for swag?

Oh, if you insist.


The BMX session is quite an experience. I’ve learned a few things about BMX riding that I’ve never thought about. Although I don’t think of switching over to these tiny bikes for short courses and long jumps, it’s a great workout if you want to challenge your one-minute power (or AC).
The workout I liked the most was the road workout. To ride alongside a group of these talented young cyclists in stunning Alpine scenery would be an experience on its own. But with the encouraging coaching during this challenging workout, it’s an outstanding experience.


The road session is a real cracker…:two_hearts:
Long sustained climb followed by a punchy climb.
What’s not to love?!! :muscle:


Blowing up my schedule to work A Week With the UCI World Cycling Centre into my December calendar like



Move everything back 5 days, get going now?

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In my HM/FF test week this week, so no can push. Oh, I see though - thought @David.McQuillen.KoS set it up like a December challenge, but you COULD start now. Yeah, will have to be my December thing.


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Where are you guys seeing the track session? I’m looking in the library and Session 3 (presumably track) isn’t showing up?

It’s the one called Velodrome:

What OS are you using? I’m literally looking at SYSTM on my mac desktop and my iphone and the #3 video isn’t there.

Mine’s on iOS, maybe try logging out and back in as that sometimes triggers a full library refresh as opposed to closing and opening the app.

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Yeah, fair. I forget that. Will give it a shot.

(edit) Strangely enough, no…still not showing #3, and I went to the online portal, logged in there, and don’t see it either. No matter which of my platforms I look at, I only see five titles for the UCI week. Maybe it’s me… :cry:

No crisis, I’m sure it will resolve, but strange that you’re on iOS too.

(@David.McQuillen.KoS )

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The last workout looks bloody horrible. I love it!

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You’re not going mad, I’m seeing exactly the same on the web version and my phone (android).

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Same … I’m in the final weeks of my KOS prep (scheduled for Christmas Eve), but now I’m like … do I want the CHANCE to win a jacket so much that I will blow that up? MAYBEEEE.

edit just watched the intro, so 1 down, 5 to go :joy:


Same for me. I don’t see #3 as an available workout on my PC, iPhone, nor iPad.

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