We’ve just added six new Inspiration workouts to the SYSTM library. If you’re looking for some Zone 2 training, then you’ve found them with these sessions. Ranging from 26 minutes up to 1hr 47 minutes, we’re bringing you some fantastic stories to keep your imagination engaged while your legs are turning. You’ll find them in the SYSTM Cycling & Insipration libraries with the hashtag #NEW. Enjoy!

From the Ground Up Season 2 Part 1 & 2

After an exhaustive search, professional cyclists Ryan and Alexey select three new novice cyclists, Johanna, David, and Rachel, to start training for one of cycling’s most difficult challenges: the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race. These two episodes chart their journey, with all the highs, lows, drama and glory along the way.


France’s Grand Traversée de Massif Central is one of the cycling’s epic adventures. With a start in Avallon and a finish in Le Cap d’Agade, the 1400km route has it all: climbs, quaint villages, rough paths, lonely roads and incredible scenery. So it was natural that Thomas, born in the Avallon area, decided to set out and set the Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the journey. Followed by his father, Momentum is the story of one man’s determination to do something brave and the emotional relationship between father and son.

Into the Rift

To simply finish the Atlas Mountain Race means navigating 1,200 kilometres of the most rugged and remote roads in Morocco. To win requires riding almost non-stop, night and day, for days on end. It’s a combination of strength and sleep deprivation that only a few riders in the world can manage. Filmmaker Brady Lawrence followed the race documenting everything from a brutal 80 kilometre walk through the high desert with a broken bike, to one racer’s simple joy at realising they’ll soon eat their first warm meal in days. Capturing the human drama set against an otherworldly landscape, Into the Rift is an in-depth look at a true cycling adventure.

Ultimate Triathlon

Luke Tyburski lived his dream as a professional football player before injury cut that dream cruelly short, a twist of fate that sent him spiraling into clinical depression. Luke then discovered his salvation and a road back to strength and sanity via the world of extreme endurance challenges. The Ultimate Triathlon is Luke’s biggest test yet. An insane 2,000km multi-sport course from Morocco to Monaco to be completed in just 12 days, its devilish detail is all Luke’s own invention and its execution is all his to complete alone. Tthe Ultimate Triathlon is the story of one man’s exceptional journey in a bid to reclaim his ordinary life.

500 Man

Luke Tyburski is no stranger to extreme endurance challenges, and the 500 Man triathlon was just that, an extreme challenge that follows on from his adventures in The Ultimate Triathlon. Swimming 10 kilometres in a lake, followed by a 390 kilometre cycle, before finishing off with a 100 kilometre run – some might say this is crazy but Luke thought it would be a fun way to spend a weekend! Having already completed a similar distance triathlon in the past, this challenge wasn’t about pushing boundaries Luke had never reached before, but more so to encourage others to join him for sections of his self-created swim, cycle, and run.


Thank you sir @David.McQuillen.KoS
30-40 min duration of these suit me really well - great rides for a mid-week lunch break.


I really enjoyed the From the Ground Up Season 2 Part 1 and Part 2.

My favorite was watching others do Half Monty. I never knew HM could be so enjoyable!

The biggest surprise was in part 2, where I unconsciously abruptly stopped pedaling, slammed on my brakes (yes I was on a trainer inside), and unclipped a foot to prepare to stop. For those that have ridden it, you can guess the spot in the film where that happened.


+1 for this. Really loved these two documentaries. I had no intention of riding both back to back but was so invested in the story at the end of part 1 that I had to carry on to find out how it finished…

There was a great line in part one that I know I missed the start of the sentence so slightly off but the intention is the same:

“Magic happens when you accept and then embrace your brilliance”

Wise words and an inspirational series


I had the same experience this morning. Only had time for part one but i could not help but find time to finish the next video. 40 minutes turned into 1 hour 20 minutes.
Great story.