🚴‍♀️ 🎉 🚨 New Content Alert: ALL ACCESS with team EF PRO CYCLING 🚨 🎉 🚴‍♂️

Introducing All Access with EF Pro Cycling!

Set in the stunning landscape of Girona, we’re bringing you a new Wahoo SYSTM workout series that goes behind the scenes to discover what life is really like at team training camp with EF Pro Cycling.

:biking_man: Workout 1 - Tempo Blocks:
Warm up with Jonathan Vaughters as he sets expectations for camp: growth, improvement, and team bonding. You’ll meet some of the riders over golf practice (yes, we said golf) and then hit Girona’s stunning roads for 5 tempo blocks. Reflect on your goals with the team between sets.

:biking_man: Workout 2 - FTP Over-Unders:
Hop on the mixed EF group ride for 3 FTP over-under intervals. Discover the team’s ambitions for the upcoming 2024 season and get acquainted with some of the riders as they share insights into the life of a professional cyclist, on and off the bike.


FTP over unders - with a video … yay


Nice! Looking forward to checking these out.


Yes, but does Alison Jackson dance? Because that’d be worth my time…


Looks interesting.
Please do more sufferfest and pro rides as well, please.



Now will they be part of the April challenge, or do I ride them before already… :thinking:


Thanks for the new inspiration and all access content.
The inspiration videos for this months challenge were great.
The wahoo sponsored teams and athletes should be a terrific source of new video content.

Lifeplus-Wahoo next?


Tried the Over-Unders today. I had never done that workout before and found it pretty good. The format of the video reminded me of the inspiration videos which, unfortunately, I do not enjoy much. For me at least, this is better than inspiration videos but not as engaging as the other formats like Pro Rides, On Location and of course, Sufferfest.

Nevertheless, I guess it will find its public and it is nice to see new things coming along.


Did the same workout today and completely agree. The 8 minute over-unders needs better music. The workout was ok, but not engaging.


Hi! This is great. Big fan of team EF.
QQ - where will these workouts show up? In which channel?

Glad you are enjoying the new content. If you click on the Cycling icon they are currently at the top. They live in the ‘Wahoo Fitness’ channel which is also visible when you click on ‘Cycling’ :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rupert. I think we are missing the ‘Wahoo Fitness’ Channel in the Explore by Channel section.

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I had GvA in one ear saying “do them back to back” and Sir Neil Henderson in my other ear saying “that’s an excellent idea”… so armed with a banana and 2 water bottles, two workouts became one.

I like EF but I agree with the previous comments, the engagement is not great, the videos should reflect the efforts you are engaged in, just like the Mike Cotty videos. When I go hard they should go hard and vice-versa. It’s a bit of a mind-bender when you have an interval to go and the video shows the team pulling to a stop near the team car for a rest. Or you are pushing hard and they are coasting down a hill. In the end I stopped watching the video and focussed on the numbers.

Now that I’ve done them, will I do them again? unlikely I’m afraid, better engagement in other videos. Also, some of the interview questions/answers came across like a sales pitch for wahoo…


Did the FTP over unders this morning. Good workout and interesting video, but not one I’d watch twice, once you have seen it you have seen it. If I do the workout again I’ll play it in no video mode and watch something else, so may as well be on trainer road. Sufferfest videos are engaging because the workout follows the storyline, hence the are engaging every time you do them.


It struck me at the end that the rider being interviewed looked away from the camera with an expression on her face of, ‘did I say that right,’ after declaring she was a ‘wahooligan.’ Seems to me like she had been told to say it but didn’t really believe it or understand what one of those is.


Hey Rupert,
Completed the two all access workouts. Enjoyed the stories from the riders. I found the FTP over unders to be a real challenge. Will you be coming out with more of these videos during the 2024 race season?
Also, are there any more Mike Cotty on location videos coming?


Glad you enjoyed them. We have more exciting content coming in the next few months, stay tuned :slight_smile: