Wahoo X April Challenge - Your Ride, Your Choice

Our cycling content channels offer immersive structured workouts to meet your mood. Whether you’re looking to maximize your training gains, stay inspired during a recovery ride, or want to get the pro perspective.

In this month’s challenge, you’ll get a taste of the diversity in our Wahoo SYSTM library and types of workouts. And don’t forget you can always adjust the intensity of a workout in settings. No matter what, with Wahoo X, it’s your ride and your choice.

You have all month to complete these 4 workouts:

  1. Join Lachlan Morton in “EF Explore Episode 3” for his incredible bikepacking quest to conquer the great divide
  2. On Location Galicia: Corcubión to Fisterra” is a stunning coastal ride taking you through lush forests, over gravel roads and into the history and mythology of this ancient region
  3. The Rookie” simulates three short races to ensure your body is tuned up and ready for the season
  4. UCI Centre 3: Velodrome” gets you geared up for some laps of the velodrome

You can also load the training plan:


Complete all four workouts in Wahoo SYSTM to earn the April Monthly Challenge badge! Please note, to earn your badge you must complete the indoor SYSTM version and have a valid Wahoo X subscription.

For More Information about the challenge:

  1. Visit our webpage

  2. Challenge FAQ Page


Yay - April sorted

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Fisterra looks like a painful one :rofl:


I wrote “feisty little thing” as a note when I did it :wink:


Is it just me Sir @Rupert.H or is the link to implement the April Challenge https://wahoosystm.com/CyclingWahooEventsWahooXAprilChallenge training plan broken?
This is what I get when I click it

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Not just you sir. The link is broken. Manual ‘plan’ applied instead :slight_smile:

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@Rupert.H , is it a conscious decision by Wahoo to no longer have any of the monthly challenge workouts available in the free tier of Systm?

I didn’t even know there was a free tier :man_shrugging:

Edit: I do recall a freemium thingy back when they acquired RGT but I thought that expired when they shuttered it.

Congrats to everyone who completed April’s Challenge!

May is a chance to take inventory and catchup on any badges missing from your trophy case: