New Customer (possibly) but, I have an issue with training plans synchronising

Hi, I’m thinking of switching platforms to sufferfest but I have a big issue (hopefully just me doing something wrong). I’m a big Garmin user with watch, bike computer, sensors etc. When I purchase a training plan with TrainingPeaks it synchronises to Garmin Connect and populates the calendar, this in turn synchronises to my Garmin watch so I don’t miss a workout. Super useful for muliple reasons! So the problem, I have selected a training plan with sufferfest which is in my sufferfest calendar and I have linked sufferfest to my Garmin account. My workouts synchronise when completed but the calendar with training plan haven’t. Do I need to do something specific for this to sync across?

A minor gripe, how is there no Android app? Even RGT which is free has an Android app. Is anybody aware of when one will be released?

Positive Note, I have loved the first couple of sessions on here, amazing scenery, facts and humour. Who knew you could get fit, learn and laugh all the same time! Bit surprised at the start of one video though when the cameraman focuses in for a great closeup shot of the Garmin bike computer complete with branded mount, especially as this is a Wahoo company :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi @trax101 and welcome to the SUForum.

There’s no external sync for the calendar right now but the minions may be able to offer some suggestions to help you out if you get in touch. Need help with The Sufferfest App? Contact the minions for fast support!

As for Android… it’s coming (for real). The release date hasn’t been announced yet but it is in development (for real). See here for more insight in to the plans What the SUF? Latest news on new videos and more

Good to hear that the workouts are making you laugh while they kick your ass, that’s a big reason why so many of us love The Sufferfest. And now you’ve experienced that you can never leave :slight_smile: