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My favorite Inspiration rides are the Earth Cycle - Northern Europe series.
I also liked Thursday Fields.

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Haven’t done too many but so far

Across the mountains and Wolfpack ones

I liked Changement de Roux for the honest view into a doper’s life and how it affected everything else in his life. Kudos to Laurent Roux for sharing.

The Frozen Road was nice for the vastly different cycle environment most of us ride in. Similarly, I enjoyed Ruta Chingaza, the views are great.

A Dog’s Life 1 and 2 are great. Seeing these guys prepare and do their insane stunts was awesome. Especially for someone that can’t even get as far as a bunny-hop, this is great entertainment.

Earth Cycle Series have great content. I love Scandinavia, such a wonderful place with wonderful people, it’s great to re-live it through these videos. The only thing that bothers me is Simon Parker’s attempts at generating inspirational quotes or trying to give his experience a deeper meaning or something. That does not add value in my eyes. I do love his meetings and visits with the locals, that’s great stuff.

Inside: Women’s Moviestar , Reves d’Enfer and Colombia Connection were great. I can’t get enough of behind the scenes bike racing. I guess Making an Hour Record falls under this category too. I appreciate the variation in effort of that one.

Kayabike was fun to watch. It had a high “feelgood-factor” to it. It also makes you realise how incredibly lucky and privileged most of are by simply being born in a different place. It also shows that positive change is made through positive impulses.

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Absolutely loving the newest batch of Inspiration videos. I have found them all, literally, inspirational. De Stig and Fairless standing out for me.

Kudos to the team for finding these gems and creating decent workouts that mean you still get a workout but can enjoy the films too.

I just rode the Women’s Movistar session. What a great video - oddly I really liked that I couldnt understand most of what was said. Concentrating on the subtitles got me through a super easy recovery session that I would otherwise get bored with.

Great film, lovely team too, with more than a hint of Sufferlandria about it too:

(I hope that doesn’t violate any copyright…)

Annamiek buries herself and the first thing she does is name check her team mates. All class.

@TrapMeSuf TLDR “I like them all”…


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I loved “Half the Road”. Having also watched “The Flying Scotsman”, the 2007 movie about track cyclist Graeme Obree, I was aware that the UCI was a conservative organization. But I didn’t realize how positively atavistic it is until seeing this movie. Brian Cookson’s ludicrous justification of current UCI rules would fit right in to a Monty Python movie.

I have a general question about the Inspiration Series films. I find the supertitles distracting and annoying given that people are speaking what, to me at least, is perfectly understandable English. Is there a way to turn this feature off?

Not sure I’m correct, but my take from all of these is the CC subtitles are inherent to the video itself, not a SUFF thing. Pretty sure they’re running the footage as-is underneath the workout overlay, so have no control over the CC.

I just did “De Stig”. The story of his accident and his return to life shocked me. I’m impressed. A must-see film for everyone.

Will all the feature films show on the web site also be available in the app library? For example The Long Way Around is not available in the app Inspirations library. Of course you can do a No Vid workout and watch the video on the web site.

+1 for adding some of the videos from the Wahoo website.

I watched the West Highland Away and really enjoyed it, although I’m probably quite biased. The WHW is right on my doorstep and some of the contributors compete occasionally in my local club’s events.

Also the Old Enough to Know Better series would be worthy additions if the four were combined into two longer videos.

I’m close to having done all inspiration videos. Only 10 or so to do and I have to say that All For One is hands down one of the best and most inspirational video among all those I have done. Riveting from start to end.

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I took your advice today and did All for One and it was a fantastic video. Really showed the human side of cycling and will definitely watch again.

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