🚀 New Knowledge Episode - Understanding 4DP Pt 2: Anaerobic 🚀

Great Scott! Understanding 4DP Pt 2: Anaerobic Capacity

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It’s what allows you to go deep — it’s the attack, the surge, the sprint to close a gap, or the push in a time trial to keep your speed up. It’s Anaerobic Capacity and here’s why you need to work on it.

If you’ve done the 1-minute test at the end of our 4DP fitness test, Full Frontal, you know what digging deep into your Anaerobic Capacity feels like. And you can think of your Anaerobic Capacity — your ability to attack, surge, close gaps…and do those things over and over — like a battery. The bigger it is, and the faster you can recharge it, the faster and more powerful you will be. Neal and Mac explain what AC is about, why you need more of it, and which of the sessions in SYSTM will help you get

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